Your Antiaging System - A Guide

Your antiaging system should be as simple and strait forward as possible. This may seem difficult with a subject as complex and potentially confusing as antiaging, but I am going to both simplify and demystify it for you.

Personally, I hate being confused and overwhelmed, and so I want to break this subject down for you and give you the basic steps that will help you maximize your efforts to combat the aging process.

There is much research out there regarding the causes of aging. Much of it is highly theoretical and not very easy to understand. I am going to focus on that which has been shown either in theory or application to effectively address the causes of aging.

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I am going to outline a general antiaging system, and each of you can adapt and modify it to suit your individual needs. Wellness promotion should be easy to understand and implement. I believe those are the secrets of longevity.

Main Points of My Antiaging System

Here are the main points of the plan. There are essentially four main points in order of relative importance. Please note that this website is still unfolding, so links will be provided shortly to address each of these areas specifically.

  1. Antiaging Nutrition
  2. Sleep

  3. Brief Intense Exercise
  4. Balance your hormones

Don't feel that you have to do each of these things from the start, or that if you fail to do some of them every day that you wont get the benefit of an antiaging program. Do what you can fit into your schedule and add to it when you can. Soon your family and friends will be asking why you look so young and fit.

It Won't Always Be Easy... But Your Efforts Will Be Well Worth It!

If wellness promotion sounds involved and complicated to you, that’s understandable. I don’t expect you to absorb what it has taken me thirty plus years to learn, but I had to learn it the hard way! You will not have to go through that process, but you WILL enjoy the benefits of an antiaging system.

Remember when you first learned to drive a car? Remember how confusing it seemed and how many things you had to remember and do correctly? Pretty intimidating wasn’t it! But you did it!

You mastered every one of those things and now you can do them almost unconsciously. Was it worth it? Of course it was! There was no way you would have given up on learning to drive, considering the freedom and opportunities driving gives you.

Learning the secrets of longevity is very much the same. After a while you won't have to think about what to do and how to do it. Your antiaging system will be easily and naturally integrated into your daily routine, and you will enjoy the benefits of health, and youthfulness of body and mind for many years to come!

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