Blood Type Diet for Fast Safe Weight Loss

Blood type diet is a theory that certain foods are incompatible with certain blood types. Blood type testing and diet by blood type can promote fast safe weight loss by eating the foods that are beneficial to you and avoiding foods that clash with your system.

Watch Dr. Peter D'Adamo talk about diet by blood type on "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee show."

Diet by Blood Type

In order to promote fast safe weight loss and overall health, you need to simply do blood type testing and eat the foods that are compatible with your blood type!

The theory called eat right for blood type suggests that certain proteins in food called lectins can cause the antigens in your blood to react and identify the lectin as foreign to your system. The immune system then targets and tries to destroy the lectin. This causes inflammation and damage to organs and tissues.


This process is called agglutination and can cause a number of problems in the body, and affect processes like metabolism, digestion, and nutrient assimilation.

There are lists of foods for the blood type diet, and people are urged to note which foods are recommended or to be avoided for their particular type. This is how the blood type diet differs from weight loss systems that just emphasize calorie counting.

Evolution and Diet

The evolutionary history of humans with it's many migrations and forced adaptations to varying climates, environment, and food sources, is responsible for the distribution of different blood types in the human population.

The earliest humans were the hunter-gatherers and thus type O developed first, characterized by heavy animal protein consumption developed first. This was followed by type B which developed in the nomadic herders of the Asian plains, and finally type A & AB which came about with the development of farming.

Since many people do not know what their type is, there are kits available for blood type testing that you can use at home to determine your blood type. There is also a range of nutritional supplements designed for each type's unique needs.

The theory underlying eat right for blood type is not well known or understood by the mainstream medical system. This is the primary reason for its lack of acceptance within medical circles. We will show you the importance of blood typing information in your antiaging program.

The Importance of Blood Type Testing and Principles

To understand the importance of the blood type diet, keep in mind that the immune system is a key component of our bodily systems and our first line of defense against disease. If the immune system is constantly being stimulated by the presence of antibody/antigen reactions, is becomes weakened and less able to defend us from bacteria and viruses.

To understand this, just imagine a fire department, which has to respond to twenty small fires every day. This would run the firemen ragged, and when that five-alarm fire rolled around, the firemen would so exhausted from the constant small fires, that they would be fighting the big fire in a weakened and fatigued state!

In my own personal experience eating by blood type has made a big difference in the way I feel and function. I would highly recommend you check out Dr. D'Adamo's book!

Eating foods that irritate your system will leave you with constant pain and inflammation, but you don't have to have feel this way if you eat according to your blood type. Don't think you have to follow a rigid diet, because that's not really necessary.

Just be aware of the foods on the "avoid list" that seem to bother you, and make a point to avoid them altogether or at least keep them to a minimum. I'm 57 years old and I have less joint pain than I had in my 30's. That's an example of what the blood type diet can do if you give it a chance.

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