Antiaging Nutritional Supplement Guide

An antiaging nutritional supplement is one, which addresses either a symptom or root cause of aging. In a broad sense this could cover almost any supplement that enhances health, however in this context, I will focus on addressing specific causes of aging related problems with nutrients.

I will be writing a short and simple nutrition supplement guide that will indicate which nutrients are to be used for antiaging and their relative importance for that purpose. I will also be

vitamin capsule

doing a nutritional supplements review which will be ongoing and encompass existing and new supplements as they come our on the market.

Supplements for an Antiaging Program

  • Multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement
  • Pharmaceutical grade fish oil(Omega 3's)
  • High quality protein supplement
  • Antioxidants
  • Adaptogenic Herbs

Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplements

Picking the best vitamin formula is an important first step! A good antiaging nutritional supplement will have a high potency of all the vitamins, and essential minerals. It should also have important trace minerals as well.

In my experience this will usually run around $30-$40 per month for a good quality formula. This is a ballpark figure. Do not skimp on this and buy a cheap supplement that you find in a drug store, your health is well worth the extra money for a top quality formula!

A good nutrition supplement formula will have minerals that are either chelated, or in a form which ends in the letters (ate). For instance, the best forms of magnesium would be the (citrate), or (malate) form. Products containing mineral in the (oxide)form are ones you should avoid.

Fish Oil

Pharmaceutical grade fish oils provides critically important omega 3 fatty acids needed by the body and brain to function properly. Top strength and conditioning expert Charles Poliquin has said that if he could give his clients only one supplement, omega 3 fish oil would be it! Follow the link to my fish oil page on the nutrition supplement list above!

High quality protein supplement

I have written a page on what I consider to be the finest protein powder. It is important to understand how to choose a protein powder for your antiaging nutritional supplement needs.

Protein supplement timing and type are important for best results. However indications are that for a general all purpose protein supplement sodium or calcium caseinate appears to be better than whey for gaining muscle and maximizing fat loss.


Antioxidants protect against free radical reactions in the body. I will also be writing a page on this topic. However for this brief explanation, antioxidants suppress free radicals, which are extremely reactive molecules that can damage cells in the body. Free radicals are part of the process that causes aging and physical deterioration. Protecting against free radicals with an antiaging nutritional supplement should be an integral part of an antiaging strategy.

Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs are herbs, which promote the ability of the body to adapt to stress, thus the name “adaptogen.” These herbs have “non-specific” physiological effects on the body and help to maintain homeostasis during times of increased stress. They were used extensively in Eastern European athletic programs to enhance recovery and boost performance naturally.

Here is my nutritional supplements review.

These are links to my pages on various nutritional supplements

To sum up…..

A nutrition supplement in a broad sense encompasses all products that contribute to an improvement in the general physical and physiological condition of the body. Your choice of an antiaging nutritional supplement will reflect your individual needs and the health challenges you are trying to address.

I hope this nutritional supplements review will help make you aware of their benefits, and show how the right nutritional supplements along with antiaging foods can help you live a longer healthier life.

ALCAR (acetyl carnitine) lipoic acid choline supplements
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) arginine magnesium
Methylsulfonylmethane (msm) selenium vitamin D
best protein powder-part 1 best protein powder-part 2 beta-glucan
CMO (cetyl myristoleate) Coenzyme Q-10 creatine monohydrate
ribose powder amino acid supplements ascorbic acid(vitamin-c)
sodium hyaluonate HCA (hydroxycitric acid) isotonic formulas
(colloidal) silver drops melatonin supplements carnosine
quercitin supplements resveratrol supplements saffron spice
Serratiopeptidase glyconutrients (healing sugars) curcumin
vitamin-k Camellia sinensis (green tea) Arnica herb
astaxanthin supplements gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA) chromium supplements
pure raspberry ketones saw palmetto extract Vitamin A Retinol
Centella asiatica (gotu kola) Sam-e (S-adenosyl methionine) green coffee extract
seven-keto DHEA)

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