Oxidation Reduction – Free Electrons and Antiaging!

Understanding oxidation reduction is the keys to antiaging and health! Free electrons from your alkaline water machine or grounding mat can supply the antioxidants you need to fight inflammation. Oxygen. Oxidation reduction potential is the ability of a substance to “reduce” another substance and make it less reactive. ORAC Values are how we measure how effective an antioxidant is.


Oxidation involves the loss of electrons whereby reduction involves the gain of electrons. Oxidation of molecules in our bodies produces free radicals and causes oxidative stress in our organs and tissues.

oxidation-  reduction

Reduction involves a gain of electrons which neutralizes oxidation and thereby prevents oxidative stress. Antioxidants are

those substances in which the molecules provide electrons to other molecules which are then “reduced” preventing oxidation.

Understanding oxidation-reduction and the necessity of providing your body with free electrons which can “reduce” (deactivate) reactive molecules is one of the most important aspects to antiaging and wellness. This ability of various substances to “quench” free radicals and reduce oxidation is called ORAC values.

What Are Free Electrons?

Simply put, free electrons are those not paired with other electrons in a molecule, and can be “donated” to a reactive substance to provide the “reduction” effect that makes the molecule stable and non-reactive. This is what is meant by “quenching” a free radical.


Although you can get antioxidants (substances with free electrons) from food and nutritional supplements, you can also get them from an alkaline water machine, and even from the bare Earth itself by grounding.

My page on grounding goes into more detail about this phenomenon, but the important thing to remember is that in all cases, you are providing “free electrons” to your body, which it then uses to deactivate free radicals and reduce oxidative stress in your tissues.

It's kind of like putting out a fire, and it's most important aspect is the reduce inflammation which is the underlying factor in all chronic disease. This is the principle at work reducing oxidative stress in your body.

Antioxidants for Free

Most of us, myself included got used to thinking about antioxidants as things we got from antioxidant rich foods, or in nutritional supplements we bought at a health food store. We believed antioxidants had to be in food or pills.


Not so! An antioxidant by definition is a molecule with an unpaired electron that can “donate” that free electron to another molecule rendering it non-reactive. It's that simple!This is why we can get antioxidants that quite literally ARE free, from sources like alkaline water, grounding mats, and electrical frequency therapy.

Antioxidants are all around us, made available to us in many forms by nature. Look into an alkaline water machine, body grounding, and FSM therapy. Learn how these things can make significant improvements to your health by reducing oxidative stress in your body.

They say the best things in life are free, and when it comes to antioxidants they are absolutely right. Put the principle of oxidation reduction and free electrons to work in your antiaging program and feel the improvement in your health and well being when you reduce YOUR oxidative stress.

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