BioSignature – Target Fat Loss for Antiaging

BioSignature is the science of spot reducing using skinfold measurement to target fat loss in certain body parts using diet and hormone optimization.

What is it?

BioSignature is a method of spot reducing developed by renowned strength and conditioning expert Charles Poliquin.

There are two aspects to this method.

  • Skinfold measurement of fat storage sites on the body
  • correcting hormone imbalances with diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation


Charles who has done hundreds of skinfold measurements on athletes noticed that these measurements correlated with blood tests that revealed hormone imbalances. These patterns did not vary over time.

This led to the development of the BioSignature method which can be used non-invasively pinpoint hormone imbalances and allow you to lose fat in certain areas of the body that proved very difficult to trim down.

Spot Reducing IS Possible

One of the longest running controversies in exercise science is whether spot reducing is possible. Charles Poliquin's work would seem to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, but the key to understanding spot reducing is to understand the role of hormones in fat storage.


While it may be true that you can't spot reduce by exercise alone, you CAN reduce fat in certain stubborn areas by re-balancing your hormones, because it is the hormones which really determine where you store fat on the body, and target fat loss.

Hormones determine where fat is stored, and fat storage areas tell you which hormones are out of balance. This ingenious method is now being taught to doctors as a non-invasive way to detect hormone imbalances.

It can be used on both athletes and ordinary people to help them look, feel, and perform better.

The Hormone Connection

Hormones are like the software that runs your body. They are intricately involved in every function of body and brain and ultimately determine not only how healthy we are, but also how we look, which is called our “body composition.”

For example......

  • Fat on the hips would indicate problems with insulin levels
  • Fat on the chest is an indicator of elevated estrogen
  • Fat on the back of the arms indicates low testosterone

Thus hormones, diet, fat storage, and exercise (or lack of it) all come together to determine not only whether you are overweight or not, but also exactly where you will store the fat on your body. This allows you to target fat loss as never before!

fat loss

We now know what causes fat storage in certain areas, and we can do something about it! This method provides a way to fix these problems and remove the stored fat from those stubborn areas that seem to defy all of your efforts at diet and exercise.

Hormones are the missing piece of the puzzle that will enable you to finally win the battle of the bulge and target fat loss in certain areas, with spot reducing that really works!

Find A Practitioner

Now you must be wondering how you can go about getting BioSignature done on yourself. Charles Poliquin has trained many practitioners in this method and they are listed on his website.

These practitioners are required to update their training on a yearly basis so that they stay current with the latest techniques and application of the method for hormone optimization and spot reducing.

Click on the link below and follow the instructions on the drop down menu to locate a BioSignature practitioner in your area.

Click Here Find a Practitioner

Remember also that hormonal optimization is essential for your antiaging efforts.

A practitioner will be able to determine any hormonal imbalances and help you to correct them with nutrition and exercise. This will slow the aging process and help keep you healthy and active, not to mention looking your best!

BioSignature combines non-invasive skinfold measurement with the accuracy of blood, saliva, and urine tests. This allows you to have a customized plan for diet, exercise, and supplementation, that will allow you to look and feel your very best.

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