Bioidentical Hormones and Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormones have a chemical structure that is identical to those produced by your body. This type of hormone therapy is the foundation of antiaging medicine, and can give you a huge increase in your quality of life! This page is about the how and why of this amazing new antiaging therapy.

Here is a short list of these hormones, which are made to be identical to what is in your body. As time goes on this list will grow as more of these hormones will be able to compounded and prescribed for antiaging purposes.

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • DHEA
  • Testosterone

How Are They Made?

These hormones are “compounded” by pharmacies in accordance with tests that determine an individual’s hormone profile, to allow


a carefully precise dosage to be given. Compounding pharmacies require a prescription for these hormones to be formulated and dispensed to individuals.

Safety Issues

It is claimed by many practitioners of holistic and alternative therapies that bioidentical hormones are safer than synthetic hormones because they are identical in structure to what your body produces.

Although they have not undergone the extensive testing of synthetic hormones by the FDA, there are studies that have been done in Europe that indicate they have a good safety record. Unfortunately however, the FDA however does not accept research done outside the US for purposes of supporting evidence for the safety and efficacy of a drug or treatment!

I believe they have an advantage over synthetic ones for hormone replacement therapy because they are not only identical to natural hormones, but their method of administration is more natural.

They come in forms, which can be used, transdermally (through the skin) and thus avoid being degraded by the digestive system as they are taken into your body.

In principle, smaller doses of a hormone work more naturally in your body because they do not suppress your body’s own production of that hormone. This approach is very precise and measured, and avoids the side effects of synthetic hormone therapy.

Who Prescribes Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

The type of practitioner most likely to prescribe this form of hormone therapy is an antiaging doctor, or at least a physician with a strong interest in, and knowledge of antiaging practices.

I will provide links at the bottom of this page to a directory of antiaging doctors and clinics qualified to offer this service to you.

The Anabolic Zone

The purpose of bioidentical hormone therapy is to keep your hormones in what I refer to as the anabolic zone, where hormonal balance and thus good health, is maintained. This approach is one of the cornerstones of antiaging and is gaining in popularity among the public.

Many of us have seen the result of catabolic processes at work in the body, for example in people with AIDS or terminal cancer. What many people do not know is that normal aging is just a slower form of this catabolic process!

Staying in the anabolic zone then is the direct opposite of this catabolic process, and it involves maintaining lean body mass through properly balancing your hormones so that you can maintain good health and vitality all of your life.

Even though exercise and proper eating is the foundation of health, hormonal balance is a vitally important part of your antiaging program, and will allow you to look and feel much younger than your age for many years to come!

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