Antiaging Nutrition

Antiaging nutrition consists of antiaging foods, an antiaging nutritional supplement or antiaging herb, that can slow down, stop, or reverse aspects of the aging process.

Skeptical about antiaging products? I'm not surprised! After all you have been told by “scientists” that nothing can stop or reverse aging. These claims are really a game of semantics, disinformation, and just plain ignorance on their part.

The idea of nutrition to slow or reverse aging is just good common sense and logic being applied to our efforts to age as well as we possibly can. It's not snake oil or any of the condescending terms they call it. Antiaging health supplements are both, proven, and effective.


Food can be a powerful natural medicine, along with using an antiaging nutritional supplement, and antiaging herb, can provide the full spectrum of health benefits that will allow you to age on YOUR TERMS!

Antiaging Food

Foods that provide antiaging nutrients can help you stay healthy and slow down aging really do one of several things:

  • Help control blood sugar
  • Help maintain the health of the cell membrane
  • Provide antioxidant protection
  • Provide precursors to the body for making essential molecules
  • Provide cellular energy
  • Fight inflammation

All of the above benefits are things that will slow down the rate at which your body ages. The less stress, disease, and elevated blood sugar you have, the slower your body will age, and the healthier and more active you will be!

Superfoods are those foods which pack a lot of antiaging nutrients for their calorie count. That is they are very nutritionally dense, providing lots of vitamins, minerals, protein, good fats, and fiber.

These are all qualities that help the body to carry out vital functions, and also protect against inflammation, pathogens, and chronic disease. On the pages of this site you will learn just how and why these foods are helpful, and which ones are the best.

Antiaging Nutritional Supplement


There are different types of antiaging health supplements ranging from vitamin pills and capsules, to protein supplements, specialized fatty acids like fish oil, and performance type supplements used by athletes and fitness oriented people.

An anti aging supplements will usually have strong antioxidant benefits as well as helping to lower blood sugar, and reduce inflammation. Protecting against the oxidative stress is the most important function of a true antiaging supplement, because free radicals are a major cause of aging.

Many experts in nutrition agree that even with a good diet some supplementation is necessary especially as you get older. An anti aging nutritional product can provide some extra nutritional insurance if you eat a less than perfect diet.

Antiaging Herb


Many herbs such as garlic and ginger have great benefits because they do one of the things mentioned above like lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and act as antioxidants making them very valuable for antiaging.

Special herbs called adaptogenic herbs also have the ability to reduce stress, protect against pathogens (bacteria and viruses) and create changes in your body's physiology that promote healthier aging.

Some herbs are familiar to us from garlic to cayenne (red) pepper. Some are not well known to the Western World, but very popular in Asia such as Cordycepts and Arctic Root!

An antiaging herb is not exactly a food, and can't be considered a nutritional supplement in the technical sense. However these herbs can and do provide powerful benefits in times of stress and illness, and overall will help take the edge off the aging process of you use them wisely.

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

antiaging nutrition

This was a quote by Hippocrates the father of medicine over 2,000 years ago and is still true today! In our modern era of drug based medicine, we have forgotten how powerful and effective food can be in helping to keep us well.

Antiaging nutrition is really the application of eating clean, minimally processed foods that have great nutritional value for their calorie content. The more colorful the better.

Fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, fresh oils, fish, fowl, and lean meats round out the list of foods that can have substantial benefits, helping us to keep the ravages of age at bay.

There are many good books on antiaging nutrition that will help you easily integrate these foods into your normal diet a little at a time so that you get used to a healthier way of eating.

You can search for these books and other antiaging products on the right side of this page in the Amazon product panel. Check them out!

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