Sleeping Disorders and Aging

Sleeping disorders figure very prominently both in how you age and how fast you age. Restful uninterrupted sleep is of course required for good health, but most people do not know how much the lack of sleep can damage your health.

Scientists do not exactly know why you need sleep. It is thought that the brain requires time to sort through the accumulated information of the day, replenish chemicals, and other functions of brain maintenance.

What IS known however is that you cannot long function without adequate sleep.

There are stages of sleep in which you enter something called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and if you are not able to get into this stage, you will not get the benefits you need from your nightly rest.


REM is the stage where growth hormone is secreted, and this is critical for your hormonal system to function properly.

Sleep Disorders Are Big Business

There is an entire industry devoted to the issue of sleeping disorders. There are both drugs and natural sleep aids, all designed to allow you the rest you need to maintain health.

There are also stimulants that people use when they are not getting enough rest, but need to remain alert to do their jobs and get through the day.

Stimulant use does not work in the long term, as there is no substitute for proper sleep, the lack of which can cause problems ranging from difficulties with simple tasks to weakened immune function.

How To Sleep Better

Here is a list of tips you can use to ensure you are getting the quality rest that you need on a nightly basis.

  • Sleep in a slightly cool room with proper ventilation for fresh air
  • Make sure the room you sleep in is quiet and free of all ambient noise
  • Do not use caffeine or alcohol or eat heavy or spicy foods for several hours before going to bed
  • Try and get to sleep at roughly the same time every evening if possible
  • Exercise daily to maintain proper metabolism which will help you sleep
  • Avoid using the bedroom as an office or work area, so that you only associate it with sleep
  • Make sure to get enough sunlight during the day to maintain proper circadian rhythms which are necessary for sleep
  • Do not fight the need for sleep, if you feel tired turn in for the night and get some rest
  • Use rhythmic breathing or other meditative technique to help you fall asleep

If you are experiencing insomnia symptoms you can get more information on how to sleep better by downloading this free ebook:


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Natural Solutions for Sleep Problems

Natural sleep aids can be used to help you with sleeping disorders and should be the step taken before resorting to drugs. Drugs taken to induce sleep can interfere with REM sleep by preventing you from getting to the stages of sleep in which rapid eye movement (REM) occurs.

Below is a short list of natural substances that can help you fall asleep, but remember that even these should not be used unless necessary, and you should consult an antiaging physician who is knowledgeable about these substances and can safely and effectively guide you in their use.

  • Valerian Root – a calming herb used as a natural sedative
  • Chamomile – another herb used for relaxation
  • Kava – is a herb used to promote muscle relaxation and aid sleep
  • Tryptophan – an amino acid precursor to Seratonin and Melatonin which are both involved in sleep
  • Melatonin – a hormone secreted in the pineal gland which regulates sleep patterns
  • Magnesium – a mineral that helps promote relaxation

To simplify your choice of natural solutions for sleep problems, below are two natural sleep aids which I feel offer a safe and affective alternative to drugs, for promoting restful sleep.

If everything you have tried on your own still does not resolve your insomnia symptoms, then consult a physician who has the expertise to safely and effectively treat sleeping disorders.

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