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My name is George Parigian. I am age 61 and have lived in the Boston area all of my life. I have many interests in addition to antiaging, health and wellness, such as strength training, history, reading, music, movies, restaurants and theater.


My Strength Training Background

I am a personal trainer, (NSCA-CPT) certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association. I participated in track and field while in High School and that was the beginning of my interest in competitive sport.

While at Northeastern University I went on to a very successful career in the demanding sport of Powerlifting, eventually achieving "elite" ranking in two weight classes (181lbs & 198lbs), earned All American status while at Northeastern University and finally won the United States National Championships in 1981 in Boise Idaho!

I met many knowledgeable people in Powerlifting, some even having achieved Ph D’s in sports and health sciences, and learned much from them. For me, strength and health is a lifelong passion.

My Mission...

This website about longevity and antiaging secrets is a natural extension of my search for better and more effective ways to achieve antiaging in the truest sense of the word! Through this site I intend to share with you the knowledge I have gained so that you will be empowered to take charge of your own health and improve the quality of your lives.

I am involved in a never-ending search for new and better antiaging solutions, which will be reflected in my website about “longevity and antiaging secrets.” I will work to provide innovative information on longevity and anti-aging and show you strategies to utilize this information to resolve health issues in the present.

For me aging is not a pleasant experience to be acquiesced to gracefully, but rather a continuing challenge to overcome. I feel the information on “longevity and antiaging secrets” will provide valuable antiaging solutions for yourself and your loved ones.

Thank you for visiting…

George Parigian Jr.

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