Tumeric Benefits for Antiaging Health

Tumeric benefits are being recognized as indispensable for antiaging. In the form of curcumin, it has become a popular supplement. The beneficial effect between curcumin and alzheimers has led to multiple curcumin uses, as it is now recognized as a powerful anti-inflammatory substance.

Tumeric - Super Healthy Spice

What if I told you that one of the most effective anti-inflammatory and antiaging substances came from a common kitchen spice? Say hello to our newest aging fighter called curcumin.


Curcumin is extracted from the Indian spice called tumeric, also referred to as curry spice. It is a orange yellow powder, is used in ethnic cooking, and is also a folk remedy for a list of ills.

Curcumin is the principle “curcuminoid” ( a polyphenol compound) of the Indian spice tumeric. The polyphenols give it it’s distinctive yellow color.

Curcumin Uses

The benefits come mainly from curcumin as does it’s yellow color. While tumeric is mainly used in cooking, curcumin is used for a variety of health and medicinal applications in it’s supplement form.

Here are some potential curcumin uses, known and suspected benefits:

  • Used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for almost 4000 years
  • Potential anti-cancer activity
  • Potent anti-inflammatory activity
  • Possible anti-viral activity
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Anti-arthritis activity
  • Possibly protects against alzheimers disease
  • Increases effectiveness of antibiotics
  • Protects the liver from toxicity
  • Protects against lipid peroxidation and DNA damage.
  • Possibly improves mental function
  • Prevents and repairs muscle damage

When added to curcumin, 20 mg of piperine (extracted from black pepper) increases absorption of curcumin by 2000%!

Curcumin and Alzheimers

Curry powder, (tumeric) which contains curcumin, is used extensively in India for cooking. Coincidentally India has the lowest rate of alzheimers disease in the world. Research has pointed to a relationship between curcumin and alzheimers.

This led researchers to suspect that curry powder because of it’s tumeric curcumin content, protects the brain from alzheimers disease. Even though this is not considered proof, it would seem that the curcumin in tumeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Given this evidence, it would be wise to add this popular spice to your diet, if you have a taste for spicy food. Even occasional use of curry powder will provide tumeric benefits, not to mention a more enjoyable meal!

Tumeric Benefits and Curcumin Supplements

Since curcumin is unstable in the stomach, very little is actually absorbed. Supplements try to get around this by using different forms such as nano-particles and delivery in (liposomal) oil based forms.

Judging from the results of the Indian diet, enough does make it into the bloodstream to have a beneficial effect. There are many quality curcumin supplements on the market. Here are a few I would recommend:

  • Market America super Curcumin
  • Jarrow Formulas curcumin
  • Life Extension curcumin
  • Now Curcumin

The liposomal and nano particle forms are the cutting edge for curcumin supplements and I will be reviewing them in the coming months, so that I can make a recommendation. Remember that tumeric benefits can be had by using the spice as well as supplemental curcumin.

There may be nutritional co-factors that add to the benefits of just taking curcumin alone, so the next time you are in the mood for some spicy food, don’t hold the curry sauce!

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