Benefits of L-Arginine for Antiaging

Benefits of l-arginine include boosting nitric oxide, as well as the immune system. When used with proper supervision, L-arginine benefits allow you to avoid the side effects you would get with prescription drugs.

What is L-Arginine?

L-arginine is a non-essential amino acid which means your body can synthesize it. It is found in some of the following foods:

  • meat
  • fish
  • chicken
  • dairy products
  • fish
  • nuts

Since this amino acid is made by the body you don't generally have to eat a diet rich in l-arginine, but if you eating habits are poor you need to try to consume more foods that contain l-arginine.


This would also apply to anyone with malabsorption or other problems with absorbing nutrients from their food. Most healthy people will get enough in their diet if they consume some animal proteins.

Depending on the l-arginine benefits you are looking for, you might have to get this amino acid in supplement form which provides a precise l-arginine dosage, ususally 500mg capsules.

Benefits of L-Arginine

There are a number of L-arginine benefits, the most well known of these is it's use for erectile dysfunction which results from low levels of nitric oxide. Your body uses L-arginine to make nitric oxide, so using this amino acid can help alleviate erectile dysfunction without the toxic side effects of drugs often used to treat this condition.

Some other l-arginine benefits are:

  • Promotes shorter healing time for bone and other tissues
  • Helps reduce blood pressure (by raising nitric oxide)
  • Immune enhancement by raising t-cell count
  • Improving nitrogen balance and protein metabolism
  • Helps combat infertility by raising sperm count
  • May improve growth hormone levels

L-Arginine Dosage

The effective l-arginine dosage depends on which benefits of l-arginine you are looking for. When used in supplement form, an effective dosage can be anywhere from 500mg to 2000 to 3,000 mgs., with a maximum of 8,000 to 9,000 mg per day.


Medical science has not established appropriate dosage ranges for this amino acid, because unlike drugs, it is not routinely used to treat medical conditions. The lack of clinical trials is why there is no hard and fast dosage recommendations.

The alleged ability of l-arginine to cause growth hormone release was based on 30 grams (that's 30,000 milligrams) of infused (intervenous) l-arginine. This is not practical for use outside of a clinical setting.

I would recommend that if you are contemplating l-arginine benefits for any specific health condition, that you do so under the guidance of an antiaging doctor or other medical professional who can monitor you and who understand the side effects and possible complications that can happen if l-arginine is used combination with drugs.

Side Effects of L-Arginine

Benefits of l-arginine come with potential side effects as well. Please note that if you have any serious medical conditions involving the heart, or are on any prescription medication, check with your doctor before supplementing with l-arginine.

Here is a short list of potential side effects of l-arginine:

  • Possibly raises blood sugar
  • Can cause potassium imbalance
  • Can worsen kidney and liver problems
  • Can possibly cause anaphylactic shock
  • Can lower blood pressure to unsafe levels
  • Can increase the risk of internal bleeding

The above side effects more represent what is possible, rather than side effects that have been commonly observed in people taking l-arginine. However its always best to be extra cautious rather than less.

There are potentially many benefits of l-arginine for antiaging and health, but tread lightly with this nutrient.

Educate yourself and seek the guidance of a qualified medical professional when adding l-arginine to your antiaging regimen.

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