Isotonix – The Cutting Edge in Antiaging Nutrition

Isotonix is a new concept in precision nutritional supplementation. Isotonic means that a liquid substance has the same osmotic pressure as your natural body fluids. Nutrients delivered by an isotonic solution are absorbed much more efficiently and completely.

Nutrients and Bioavailability


Bioavailability refers to how efficiently a nutrient is absorbed and utilized by your body. This has been a real issue with nutritional supplements because if you don't absorb them completely, you are not getting anywhere near the levels you want and need.

For many years even the best of nutritional supplements were limited in effectiveness by how well they were absorbed. Many research efforts have been made to get around this problem. Isotonix in the form of an isotonic solution are the cutting edge in nutrient delivery. Here’s why.

Isotonic Nutrient Delivery

In the past megadosing of supplements was just a fact of life, because we knew that much of what you put into your body in the ways of vitamins and minerals never got absorbed properly.

Some nutrients like calcium carbonate have absorption rates as low as 10%. So for instance you could be taking the 1500 milligrams recommended by health experts, but only absorbing 150 milligrams, far short of your daily requirements.

In the old days, you got around this inefficiency by taking large doses of many supplements and hoping that some of it got absorbed in amounts that were sufficient to do the job. You could call this the “shotgun approach.”

With an isotonic solution, the approach is more like using a super accurate rifle! With isotonic solutions, the dosages needed are considerably smaller, because the absorption rate is so much higher, approaching 98% for isotonic vitamins vs. 40% for supplements in tablet or capsule form.

Isotonic Nutritional Supplements

The Isotonix supplement line is made and distributed by Market America. They work with health care professionals such as doctors, chiropractors, and naturopaths who use the isotonic based product line with their patients.

Isotonic sports drinks are popular with athletes looking to get a performance edge and improve their health at the same time. Both high level athletes and weekend warriors like the effectiveness that an isotonic solution delivers and also the ability to customize their nutrition to their own individual needs.

Customized Nutrition with Isotonic Supplements

With this high value product line, we have arrived at truly customizable nutrition for people in all walks of life. With the custom cocktail of isotonic supplements you can custom blend all the nutritional supplements you need every day into one convenient source, delivered via an isotonic solution.

My Introduction to Isotonic Nutrition

My own introduction to the the concept of isotonic nutrition came from a meeting I had with a doctor (MD) who was board certified in emergency medicine, and also had an antiaging practice as well.

The doctors that work in the “ER” must respond instantly to medical emergencies, from the routine to the life threatening. There are no second chances in the ER, you have to get it right the first time! So when an emergency room doc speaks, I tend to listen.

When I asked Dr. Henry Wagner why he used isotonic nutritional supplements with his antiaging patients, he explained that the isotonic solution consistently lowered C-reactive protein, the key inflammatory marker that medicine uses to gauge systemic inflammation.

He stated that after establishing a baseline for this marker in each patient, he would put them on the isotonic OPC-3 product, and would consistently see their C-reactive protein levels go down. For a nutritional product to consistently achieve this result is impressive to say the least!

This convinced me that this product line was worth investigating for my own personal use, and that it has proven value as a precision nutritional solution for the antiaging market.

With all things considered, Isotonix has emerged as THE nutritional supplement solution for the 21st century!

Please note: Isotonix products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Neither I nor Market America make any claims that these products treat or cure disease. If you have medical problems you should consult with a doctor, not attempt to self-treat with any nutritional product.

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