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An antiaging program requires things like blood sugar testing, inflammatory marker testing, fatty acid testing, and hormone tests to determine if an individual is in optimal health, and if not, how to help him or her get there! Metabolic typing, blood typing, and genomic testing can also be valuable ways to customize an antiaging program to each person's unique biochemistry and genetics.

This is why blood typing and metabolic typing are two of the ways that we can test to determine what each individual needs for optimal wellness.

There are of course the standardized blood tests that doctors routinely perform, and while these are a good starting point, more specific tests are required to really hone in on how your individual body chemistry can be optimized for antiaging purposes.

Tests for homocysteine and c-reactive protein can detect chronic inflammation that will impact long term health.

Genomic testing is a way to identify the genetic expression unique to each individual. This concept is in its infancy, but rapidly becoming mainstream.

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The problem with standard medical testing is that most physicians do not recognize age related declines in critical hormone levels as a problem that needs correcting. They feel that as long as test results show levels in the normal “reference range” nothing further needs to be done.

However in an antiaging program, optimal levels of hormones and other chemical markers in the body are key to the concept of restoring or maintaining health and wellness.

Testing Protocols

The testing protocols generally fall into several categories. There are blood, saliva, hair, and urine tests, as well as written or computer-based questionnaires that are used to pinpoint food sensitivities (blood typing) and metabolic status (metabolic typing).

These are all diagnostic tools used either alone or many times in combination to discern an individual’s unique biological profile, so as to create an effective plan for addressing all of their health and wellness issues.

It is important to note that these tests do not measure "aging" directly. Rather they measure the markers for disease processes that are related to the aging process.

Some of the most important tests for life extension program are:

Tests Specifically for Women:

Some of the tests are available through your physician depending on the coverage afforded by your medical plan. Some physicians may be unfamiliar with blood typing and metabolic typing and their relevance to an antiaging program.

It may be necessary to seek out the services of an antiaging physician that is specially trained and certified in antiaging medicine. Resources will be available on this site to help you find doctors and testing services in your area.

To Summarize

Diagnostic testing enables us to determine how our bodies are functioning and aging, and to precisely address medical issues related to our individual needs.

As time goes on tests become more accurate and less invasive. Thus it has become much faster and easier to do the testing that will ensure a comprehensive and effective program antiaging program for longevity and optimal wellness.

The Five Most Important Medical Tests For Antiaging

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