Infra Red Thermography - The Earliest Form of Breast Cancer Detection

Infra red thermography is a technology using thermal camera imaging for breast cancer detection. Temperature differences in breast tissues are used to show signs of breast cancer before tumors actually develop.

Early Breast Cancer Detection with Thermal Camera Imaging

Most women would be surprised to know that mammograms the traditional screening method for breast cancer, only detects cancerous tumors after they have formed. Thus it really doesn’t “prevent” breast cancer.


Thermal imaging cameras can detect the presence of inflammation in breast tissues that could later become cancerous, this allows the woman to take steps to actually prevent the disease, rather than cure it after it is present.

Tumor activity causes what is called “angeogenesis” in the tissues. This is a dense collection of blood vessels needed to supply a tumor with nutrients. Infra red thermography can detect signs of breast cancer long before a tumor actually develops.

Why Do So Few Women Know About It?

Thermal imaging cameras for breast cancer detection have been around for decades, but it was believed from earlier studies that it produced false positives for breast cancer, when in fact the recall studies have shown that many of those women DID go on to develop cancer, so the results were accurate after all.

Medicine is slow to change and embrace new technologies, even ones that have been around for years. The FDA approved Infra red thermography for adjunctive screening for breast cancer in 1982, but most doctors still don’t know about it!

Many times even when earlier conclusions have been revised in light of new information, attitudes about a newer technology are still resistant to change. Unfortunately it is the patients who suffer when acceptance of new and effective technologies lags.

The Best Early Detection

Thermographic imaging can detect abnormal changes in breast tissue up to 10 years before a tumor forms, making it the most effective method for early detection when compared to mammograms and ultrasound.

While thermographic imaging is the best form of early detection, it does not replace methods like mammograms, ultrasound, or MRI. It’s not a question of one being better than the others, but which is appropriate at a particular point in the disease process.

The non-invasive nature of thermographic imaging and the fact that it can be used with absolute safety on women from a young age are important as well. Doctors can screen for potential future cancers, without subjecting a young patient to radiation.

Please Help Spread The Word

Infra red thermography is not a miracle and it is not claimed to replace other methods of breast cancer detection, but it can raise an early warning that will give a woman time to try and prevent the development of breast cancer.

For this reason, it is important that as many women as possible are aware of this important tool and can decide for themselves if they want to use it. They now have the ability to act before there are signs of breast cancer, not after it has been discovered.

Feel free to send the link for this page or the other pages I have linked to on this topic to your female friends and otherwise make them aware of the option that infra red thermography provides for breast cancer detection.

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