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An antiaging health product is designed to address aging related health problems. It is usually a nutritional supplement, nutraceutical, or nootropic, though some products can be prescription drugs, or even devices for stress management.

The purposes of an antiaging product is to slow or reverse some aspect of the aging process, or contribute to general longevity by helping to balance and maintain the body’s critical systems. Their use is on of the secrets of longevity.


Antiaging products come in pill, capsule, liquid, topical (antiaging cream or oils for the skin) or in the case of some prescription drugs in injectable form. They can be taken with food, for avoiding stomach distress, or on an empty stomach for reasons of maximum absorption.

Are they safe?

In the case of antiaging supplements, nutraceuticals, and nootropics, they are generally safe, and the effectiveness varies with the individual and the condition that it is being used for.

These items come under the heading of nutritional supplements and so are not subject to the approval process of the FDA. They are covered under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. Drugs are subject to approval process of the FDA.

The FDA has established standards for safety, manufacturing purity, and accurate labeling, although these standards are more stringent for drugs than they are for nutritional supplements.

The Most Popular Antiaging Products

The most popular of these product are items such as liquid antioxidants and wrinkle creams.

Products for antiaging can be purchased online, through various publications, and in retail outlets as well. Resources will be available on this site to identify the best places to purchase an antiaging health product depending on the type of product and it’s use.

Some of the best-known products for antiaging are:

The above products address a various aspects of aging from joint health, cardiovascular health, mitochondrial energy production and even skin tone, and suppleness. You will find more detailed explanations on other pages on this site.

To Sum Up...

The future will bring many new and even more effective products that will treat all aspects of the aging process. This website will help you keep abreast of these new developments and just how they fit in to your antiaging health strategy.

There are new classes of nutritional, nutraceutical, nootropic, and pharmaceutical substances being developed on a continual basis. This is great news for everyone interested in longevity and true-life extension benefits.

There is a real wellness revolution ongoing that will mean you can literally look and feel years, and perhaps even decades younger than your chronological age. No matter what the aging health problem is, there will be an effective antiaging health product to treat it!

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