Body Grounding – The Earth's Antioxidant

Body grounding or “earthing” is the practice of putting your bare feet on good old mother Earth, and did you know this simple action can benefit and heal your body? Using grounding pads and other earthing products we can get the benefits of earthing indoors. A grounding pad or grounding mat may well be the most cost effective health product there is!

Stephen Sinatra MD has recently brought the concept of “earthing” into light. It seems that the Earth has electrons that we can absorb through our body when we are “grounded.”

This has amazing potential for human healing because these electrons function as antioxidants and they are 100% free!

Body Grounding - The Body Electric...

Our bodies are made up mostly of minerals and water, excellent conductors for electricity and in fact we are very much “electrical beings,” from head to toe. Electricity figures prominently in every chemical reaction in our bodies.


The electrical nature of the human body requires that we have access to what you might call “clean electricity.” Our house current is actually a source of electromagnetic pollution. It is alternating current rather than the direct current that are body generates.

Body grounding (or Earthing) is nothing short of a way to absorb the Earth's healing energy right through your skin. Lest you think this is nonsense or pseudo science, Dr. Sinatra is a board certified FACC cardiologist with 30 years experience in medicine.

He states that this is the most profound medical discovery of our age, and coming from a medical doctor of this stature it bears listening to. Most people myself included thought of antioxidants as nutrients that we get in our food or in nutritional supplements.

This is a limited view. Antioxidants are simply substances that donate electrons to reactive molecules. Since electricity also contains electrons, the electrical field of the Earth can also serve as a source of electrons which act as antioxidants in our body.

Simply by connecting with "mother Earth' you can constantly flood your body with negatively charged particles that will reduce pain, inflammation, and stress!

Just How Do We Ground Ourselves?

Grounding yourself is easy and can be done by:

  • Walking barefoot on grass or concrete
  • Walking on a beach
  • Walking outdoors with leather soled shoes
  • Having your bare feet on a grounding pad or mats
  • Using other earthing products that connect you with a properly grounded source

Do not EVER attempt to make your own grounding equipment and plug into a wall outlet. Properly constructed earthing products have built in safeguards to prevent accidental electric shock when using the ground on a wall socket.

Earthing Products

Earthing products have apparently been around for a few years and I have to admit I was not aware of them until just recently. Grounding pads provide a way to connect with the Earth's electrical field while indoors.

These products all have one thing in common and that is that they provide body grounding in a safe way and allow you to access the Earth's electrical field indoors, while you work, relax, and sleep.

Grounding pads come in various sizes to be used when sitting at your desk working, in bed while sleeping, and even a sleep system for travel.

I have recently purchased a grounding pad and I am VERY impressed by the results I have gotten from it. Here is my review:

My Grounding Experience

I find this development truly exciting because this is an easy and passive way to help heal and de-stress your body.

It's almost like absorbing nutrition form the Earth, and when you think of it, that is perfectly appropriate! Nature as we have seen provides all that we need to keep well and feel good, and body grounding is a perfect example of this.

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