Help! I'm 41 and Already Having Hormone Related Problems

by Mia
(Chicago, IL, USA)

I have been having some hormone related problems recently. My doctor recommended bioidentical hormone therapy. I have heard of hormone replacement therapy, but not the bioidentical hormones.

Can you tell me a little about their history? I am from the USA. Are they used in other countries? How long have they been used elsewhere? What are the short and long-term side effects?

I haven’t used the birth control pill because I can’t tolerate the side effects. Will I have a similar problem with bioidentical hormones? My mother stopped using hormone replacement because of the side effects.

Can these help her now, or is it too late for her. Any information you can share on bioidentical hormones would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for providing such an informative website.

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Jun 06, 2009
Hormone Related Problems...
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Mia,

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I can't say for certain how many years bioidentical hormone therapy has been used but it does go back at least a decade.

This approach to balancing hormone levels is part of a broader trend in medicine that is more holistic and functional.

Bioidentical hormone therapy would not result in the same side effecs you would get with oral contraceptives ("the pill") because they match your body's natural hormones and are given in much smaller dosages.

Bioidentical hormone therapy uses a more subtle approach to more closely align the therapy to the body's natural processes. As a therapy, bioidentical hormones are just part of a comprehensive strategy to bring all of the body's systems into balance.

As for whether it is too early for you at 41, or too late for your mom, I would say not, but that really has to be determined by an antiaging physician that is certified to administer this therapy.

Go to my page on bioidentical hormones

and you will find a link for a list of antiaging doctors at the bottom of the page.

I would also suggest that you read up on the subject, starting with Suzanne Somers book "Ageless" on this page:

That will give you some info to start with and answer some of your questions.

Best of luck and health to you and your mom!


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