Anti Aging and HGH - Part 2

Anti aging and HGH (human growth hormone) go hand in hand. No other substance is as effective for maintaining health and virtually extending youth than this “master hormone.”

It is one of the most effective antiaging treatments available. Because of this, antiaging HGH treatment has become a booming business for life extension doctors and clinics.

Many preparations are marketed as either antiaging supplements containing HGH or a growth hormone releaser, sometimes called a secretagogue which will stimulate the release of GH during the sleep cycle.


The majority of these products have no hard data attesting to their effectiveness. Also, genuine HGH cannot be sold without a prescription, so it is doubtful that these products actually contain it.

There are antiaging supplements called a secretagogue to stimulate the release of HGH, rather than actually supplying growth hormone to the body. This method is questionable as an antiaging HGH treatment, but there are indications that some preparations may be of value.

One of the latest approaches to anti aging and HGH, is the concept of improving mitochondrial or cellular energy to in turn improve hormonal function. This new approach is outlined below.

Alcar and L-Ornithine, A New Concept in a Growth Hormone Releaser

Dr. Geoffrey Grant and Dr. Tyler Parr have outlined a method of anti aging HGH stimulation utilizing available supplements which act as a growth hormone releaser and are reported to be effective in restoring more youthful levels of HGH.

Here is the link to Dr. Tyler Parr’s website which explains the antiaging HGH treatment method outlined in his research paper.

Dr. Tyler Parr's GH Releasing Formula

This method uses the supplement acetyl-l-carnitine also called Alcar, combined with L-Ornithine, which promotes HGH secretion.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is used to help promote the integrity of the mitochondria and help enhance mitochondrial energy production.

Mitochondrial energy production in turn is important to the proper functioning of your hormonal system, and the continued secretion of adequate levels of important anabolic hormones, such as HGH, DHEA, and Testosterone.

This simple and inexpensive way of achieving more youthful levels of HGH using a growth hormone releaser, if effective would be a cornerstone of your antiaging program. I will be keeping track of the information on this approach and will update this site with new information as it becomes available.

Anti Aging and HGH – The Real Thing…

Genuine human growth hormone is available for certain medically recognized conditions and only with a doctor’s prescription. Previously there was no way to biosynthesize it, so it had to be extracted from cadavers.

Now antiaging HGH treatment is possible with biosynthesized growth hormone created using recombinant DNA techniques where e-coli bacteria are genetically altered to produce it. This has brought the price down, and made it much more affordable for life extension purposes.

If you are contemplating anti aging and HGH, you should consult an antiaging physician that will do the necessary tests to determine if you would benefit from it’s use. He can then continue to monitor you and adjust the dosage as necessary.

Your antiaging HGH treatment should be carefully supervised by a qualified physician to avoid the problems associated with abnormally high HGH levels. It is possible to use it safely and effectively, it just takes a competent professional with the right diagnostic tools and an understanding of antiaging principles as they apply to your hormonal system.

There are many myths and misunderstandings about this “master hormone” and it’s potential. It is not magic, nor is it to dangerous to be of use in promoting longevity.

The key is to proceed with caution, and competence. Your antiaging physician can guide you and help you make anti aging and HGH a valuable approach for wellness and longevity!

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