Would Bioidentical Hormones Help My Lifelong Thyroid Problem?

by Danni




After researching about hormonal imbalances, and reading over your website, I was wondering if you could maybe solve a problem for me?

About six years ago, I was told that I had hypothyroidism. This was after years of research I had done on my own, and fighting with doctors!

After I was told that, they handed me a prescription for low dose synthroid, and nothing was ever said again. Now, I am seeing another doctor. I had to switch because of an insurance change. My medicine also changed, and I am now on Levothyroxine.

However no one really seems to pay attention, like when I got the pills; magically I'm supposed to be "all better". But I don't feel "all better". I still experience symptoms of thyroid imbalance that I had before, some not as bad as before the meds, but sometimes new ones occur.

My blood tests all seem to say I am at "normal" levels, but it don't feel that way, not by a LONG shot! I have a chance to see an endocrinologist, but I have to wait till December, and frankly I am scared that it is going to be like all the other doctors I have talked to about it.

I am dismissed, patronized, or treated like I am attention seeking, or like I don't want to take responsibility for my weight, or cholesterol levels, when I firmly believe problems I have in this area are due to the thyroid issue.

I know from experience that weight loss is not normal for me. I have to work five times as hard to lose one pound, in contrast to my friend who works out with me eats, the same things, does the same workout, and sheds weight like crazy!

I have always been like that. As a child, we ate NO junk food, I rode my bike everywhere, was outside ALL the time, went swimming nearly EVERY day, and I was still a severely obese child.

So here is my question, what can I do to make doctors listen to me? I want them to take me seriously, and find ways to help me. I would like them to maybe consider natural, and more effective alternatives like bio-identicals?

Can you help?



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Oct 13, 2009
Help For Your Thyroid Problems
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Danni,

Thanks for your question!

First I must tell you that I am not a doctor or medical professional. The way I will try and help you is to steer you towards a more holistic medical practitioner that will take your issues seriously and hopefully be able to effectively treat and alleviate your problem.

There are a few things you should know.

Doctors who deal with hormonal problems are trained to identify conditions that are “billable,” that is that can be charged to an insurance company. In other words they must identify a specific condition, which the insurance will cover, before they treat you.

Also, they are trained to use pharmaceutical drugs to treat that condition. This is what they are taught and for most doctors, this is the only approach they understand and are willing to use.

With that said, it is possible that your problems are multifaceted, and by that I mean there may be several things going on that are causing your health problems, rather than just problems with your thyroid.

I am going to provide a link to a listing of antiaging doctors via the Life Extension Foundation. From this listing, you should be able to find an antiaging doctor near you.

I will also include the Body Logic link. Body Logic doctors are trained to do bio-identical hormone therapy.

Third I am going to give you a link to the directory of Biosignature practitioners. Biosignature is a natural way of identifying hormonal issues and balancing them with herbs and nutritional supplements.

You might want to try the Biosignature approach first, and then if you are not satisfied, seek out bioidentical hormone therapy.

Ok, here are the links:

Introduction to Biosignature
For contact information, please call (401) 398-7845 or email coaches@charlespoliquin.com.

Body Logic MD - Doctors Trained in Bioidentical Hormones

Antiaging and Holistic Doctors

Ok, I have given you three resources to begin your search. I believe there are practitioners out there who will help you based on what you have told me. I have your email address and so will contact you and see how you are doing.

I also want you to determine your blood type and check into the “Blood Type Diet” as there may be food issues that are affecting your thyroid.

Read “Eat Right for your Type” by Dr. Peter D’Adamo to get a handle on some dietary changes you could make that might improve your condition.

Write to me at: george44@rcn.com if you still have questions, and I will do my best to help you.

Good luck and good health!


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