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Nov 24, 2009
by: Jeffrey

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a very beneficial treatment when trying to suppress unbearable symptoms. My wife has been on bioidenticals for a few months and has felt better each month. I urge others to do their research on the topic.

Oct 12, 2009
Helping your wife with bioidentical hormone therapy
by: George Parigian Jr.

Dear Venkat,

Thank you for this question and the trust you place in me by asking.

First please understand that I am not a medical doctor, so I can only give you an educated opinion and urge you to seek the help of a medical professional.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is based upon a philosophy of attaining balance in a person's hormone system, using compounded hormone preparations which match exactly the hormones in your body.

Tests must be done to determine precisely what your wife's imbalances are, and a special hormone preparation will be prescribed and compounded to address her unique needs.

You must consult an antiaging doctor to do this, as most doctors do not have the training or understanding to do this properly.

I am confident that an antiaging doctor skilled in bioidentical hormone therapy could help your wife to be healthier and feel better.

Visit this link for information on antiaging in India:

The Amaya Antiaging and Weight Loss Clinic

If you cannot find an antiaging practicioner to help your wife, write to me at:

and I will try and find one for you in your area.

Good luck and good health,


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