Is It Too Late To Start Testosterone Therapy?

by Thomas
(Chicago, IL)

I wish someone had told me a number of years ago that it was possible to optimize my hormone levels and boost testosterone. I feel as if it may already be too old to do what you are suggesting.

If someone's hormone levels are already compromised, is there a way besides taking hormonal supplements to re-optimize their hormone levels?

My specific problem relates to low testosterone levels. As I have gotten older, my body has felt more and more out of balance. Even though I exercise regularly and eat healthy, I find that my energy levels and my libido continue to drop at a steady rate.

Although I feel I would greatly benefit from testosterone therapy, my physician is extremely reluctant to allow it. There does not seem to be any over-the-counter natural testosterone therapy to help me in this regard.

Are there natural foods or medicines that will help boost testosterone?

Is there anything at all I can do for my low testosterone levels, or have I missed the boat?

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May 27, 2009
Testosterone Therapy
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks so much for your question!

I can't give you a precise medical opinion because I am not a doctor and also because I don't know your particular medical history.

However I am sure that testosterone therapy properly administered by a qualified physician would definitely benefit you at your present age!

Mainstream doctors are not knowledgeable about "bio-identical" hormone therapy and so they are very reluctant to recommend, much less administer it.

Bio-identical hormone therapy is about using very precise amounts of key hormones that are identical (at the molecular level)to that which your body makes.

This simply brings your hormonal profile as close to optimal as possible, by keeping the levels of your important hormones in their normal ranges.

There is new evidence that bio-identical testosterone therapy can be given without raising your risk of developing prostate cancer.

This alleged increased risk might be why your doctor was reluctant to give you any kind of testosterone therapy.

The lack of energy, and low libido you describe would likely be greatly improved by boosting testosterone, and would significantly improve the quality of your life in the process.

As for natural testosterone boosting supplements, that is a bit tricky, because you would be trying to boost only testosterone, without balancing the other important hormones as well.

This might result in a problem such as ?high estrogen? going undetected, which can cause problems down the road.

Also, supplements vary in their ingredients and potency, as they are not subjected to the same quality standards as drugs are, even though on the whole they tend to be safer.

Some testosterone boosting supplements have a subtle effect on raising testosterone, but again, they don't address the need for all of your critical hormones to be balanced. This is very important for your overall health and well being.

The best way to go would be to find an antiaging physician who does bio-identical hormone therapy in your area and go for a consultation and treatment.

There is a list of antiaging doctors on the bottom of my page on "antiaging doctors" which you can access via the "antiaging doctors" tab on the navigation bar on the left side of the webpages.

You can also write to me via the form on my contact page, and I will send you some links to antiaging doctors in your area, as well as some information on natural supplements as well.

Yours in Health,


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