Is Climara Pro a Bioidentical Hormone?

by Shanice

When I reached menopause, I didn't give a lot of thought to whether hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was a good option for me.

At that time (14 years ago), it was believed that hormone replacement reduced the incidence of heart disease, which is prevalent in my family.

Also, the hot flashes were annoying to say the least. My doctor recommended the Climara patch and a progesterone pill.

When the news about the long-tem study came out, I stopped HRT for a while, not so much because of the increased risk, but rather because there was no benefit as had been thought previously. The hot flashes came back, albeit at a reduced rate.

I could tolerate it, but just barely. I stayed off HRT for almost a year. Then I got vaginitis, which my gynecologist attributed to atrophied vaginal cells.

At that point, I decided to go back on HRT, and my gynecologist prescribed the Climara Pro patch (Estradiol/Levongestrel(.045/.015)).

It has worked very well for me. No hot flashes or vaginitis and no side effects. I know that the estrogen does not come from horses, but I don't know if it is a "bioidentical," nor do I know the source of the progesterone.

Is the Climara Pro patch a bioidentical? Either way, is there anything I should be concerned about?

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Dec 27, 2011
Climara Pro is helping me
by: Neeters

I have been suffering from hot flashes for 2 years (age 51), I was losing sleep, felt exhausted, and after a year of this, other menopause symptoms started - dry vagina, urinary incontinence, irritation, painful sex,(not good I am a Newlywed!).

I had several UTI's, wrinkles in my face, and then my hair was shedding like crazy and was dry and breaking so much my hairdresser refused to color it for fear of damaging what I had left!

Then I started crying for no reason and had no control over my emotions. I couldn't exercise due to fatigue and gained weight.

I had blood work done, thinking I was anemic, and the results came back that I was low in Progesterone and of course estrogen due to menopause, a week ago.

I asked for the Climara Pro patch, and within 3 days my hot flashes were reduced in intensity, my dryness down below is beginning to improve, and my moods stabilizing...I have noticed though that I am retaining water..small price to pay I feel like myself again!

Oct 13, 2009
by: Jeffrey

Interesting article. I have been researching bioidentical hormone therapy extensively and can't wait for my hormone level test results. I have come to the conclusion that this is the healthiest option and here is a website that has helped me learn a lot,

Oct 13, 2009
Bioidentical Hormomes
by: jeffrey dach md

Hormones fit onto their receptors just like a "lock and key," so any slight alteration of their chemical structure creates a "monster hormone."

These resulting "monster hormones" are never found in the human body or anywhere else in nature. The reality is that these synthetically altered monster hormones should never have been approved for marketing and sale to the American People, and yet that is exactly what your mainstream medical doctor will offer you if you ask for hormones.

Years ago, after the invention of synthetic monster hormones, an information war was launched by the drug industry creating confusion in the public and even among medical professionals about the difference between natural human hormones and synthetic monster hormones.

Because of this information war, we must now use the term "bioidentical" hormones which really means human hormones in order to differentiate these from the synthetically altered (or monster) hormones.

Oct 02, 2009
Bioidentical Hormones Saved My Life!
by: Holy Hormones!

I'm a huge believer in bioidentical hormones.

I've been taking them for three years and they unquestionably saved my life. I am off seven medications, down 80 pounds, and have more energy than I did at 30 (I'm 51).

The progesterone cream cured my hot flashes, seasonal allergies, acid reflux and restless leg syndrome in less than 2 weeks.

There are additional resources to learn about BHRT than just reading Suzanne Somers books (I prefer books written by doctors, and if you email me through my blog on BHRT at: I can email you a list of resources to find a doctor/compounding pharmacy and a list of recommended reading.

Best wishes to all for hormonal health.

Sep 29, 2009
Re: Is Climara Pro a Bioidentical Hormone
by: George Parigian Jr.

HI Shanice, Thanks for your question!

Climara Pro is NOT a bioidentical hormone.

Typically, bioidentical hormones are compounded by special pharmacies to the specifications of an antiaging doctor.

Climara is sold by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals as a patented drug. You can look up the side effects online.

As far as whether you should be concerned, let me say this. All patented pharmaceutical drugs have significant side effects.

Many doctors will tell you they are safe and effective, but they often get their information from the companies that manufacture the drug.

This is kind of like going into a car dealership and asking them if the cars they sell are good cars. Naturally they are going to tell you yes.

You have to do your own research on these things. Read up on bioidentical hormones, AND the drugs that are used in hormone therapy.

What I will tell you is that bioidentical hormones are not a cure all, but they are part of a comprehensive wellness strategy that includes diet, exercise, and other lifestyle strategies to achieve good health and overall wellness.

Here is a link to antiaging doctors in Indonesia which I believe is close to you:

Antiaging Doctors in Indonesia

Also, check out about her experience with bioidentical hormones.

Suzanne Somer's book "Ageless"

Hope that helps!

Good Luck and Good Health,


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