How Do I Look Younger as Quick as Possible?

by Brianna
(Chicago Illinois US)

What is the best way to combat aging?

I have always had problems keeping my skin as young as it should be and have tried every cream and shot out there.

I have used over the counter medications as well as doctor prescribed ones, and they seem to only help a bit.

I am very self-conscience of myself, and I want to look my best all the time. I also do not want anything that is harmful to my skin by drying it out or making it oily.

I have to put on a ton of make-up to try and cover up my wrinkles, and sometimes even that doesn't work. I don't even have a budget on it either.

I am a grandmother, but I want to look young while being one. It'll help my self-esteem as well as keep my face and body looking vibrant and ready to go.

Can someone help me?

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Feb 05, 2010
How To Look Younger as Quick as Possible
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi, Thanks for your question!

Here is what I would suggest that is natural and will be somewhat effective.

First make sure you are properly hydrated, and drinking enough water. Water in your tissues is essential to youthful healthy skin.

There is a new class of bioactive nutrients for skin hydration called ceramides which aid in hydrating the skin.

Get into juicing! Fresh vegetable and fruit juices have beneficial phytonutrients that provide antioxidants that are beneficial to your skin. You should see improvement in your skin in a relatively short time.

Two topical (for external use) products that I believe are beneficial are:

NaPCA (with Aloe Vera) by Twinlab, and something called "Aqua Gel." Both these products are available on the web, and they are not very expensive.

The last thing I will mention is something called "Hyaluronic acid" which is both an ingredient in some products and also can be purchased by itself. Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of skin and will have a noticeable effect on your skins texture and appearance.

Hope that helps! If you need more info, contact me via the contact form on my website and I will answer you by email and go into more detail.

Best Regards,


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