Ceramides, Bioactive Nutrients for Skin Hydration

Ceramides are one of the latest and greatest new products for skin antiaging. Bioactive nutrients promote skin hydration from the inside out. Ceramide products act internally to strengthen the protein matrix of your skin.

What are Bioactive Nutrients?

The Japanese have been using Bioactive plant extracts called for years to promote skin hydration internally. The plant extracts are taken in the form of a supplement and absorbed by the skin cells.

Ceramides which are naturally found in your body are abundant when you are younger but diminish with age which results in your skin losing moisture and degrading over time.

Your body just can't synthesize these nutrients as well when you get older.

A Major Breakthrough!

These bioactive nutrients come from wheat, but you could not get anywhere near enough of them by eating wheat to have any


effectiveness. Recently however, scientists found a way to purify and extract them to make them bioavailable to your body.

The ceramide extracts from wheat and rice are identical to those in your own body makes. The purification and extraction

processes can produce a product that gives you enough of these unique nutrients to make them effective in fighting skin aging.


These ceramide products have been available in Japan for the last decade, but are just being introduced to the United States.

Benefits of Ceramides

The benefits of ceramide products are due to specialized lipids (fat soluble bioactive nutrients) that protect the skin in several ways.

  • They act as free radical scavengers (neutralize free radicals)
  • They promote skin hydration and moisture
  • They trigger new skin cell growth
  • Inhibit “elastase” which is an enzyme that breaks down the elastin in your skin and causes skin aging
  • Acts as a potent anti-inflammatory
  • Believed to trigger “apoptosis” and destroy cancer cells in your skin
  • Decreases dry, flaky, and itchy skin

In a 90 day placebo controlled study 95% of study participants using 200mg/day of wheat ceramide formula showed improvement in skin hydration. This is critical to skin aintiaging because moisture content is essential to maintaining the protein matrix of skin.

Bioactive Nutrients Come of Age

Because these specialized bioactive nutrients affect skin health in such a fundamental way, I predict that they will become the next super nutritional supplements alongside fish oil, antioxidants, and bioenergetic supplements.

It is not just the skin that these super nutrients can benefit, but all tissues in your body that require proper hydration. This has applications in cardiovascular, joint, and brain health as well.

Although I do not have an affiliate relationship with any company that makes ceramide products, I would check out Life Extension brand as their reputation for quality supplements is well known.

Ceramides are THE cutting edge in skin hydration and antiaging at the present time, and not likely to be surpassed any time soon as the best way to protect your skin from the ravages of aging!

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