How Can Hormonal Balance Optimize My Anti-Aging Efforts?

by Lisa
(Tow, TX)

I have been using several strategies in my efforts to hold back some of the effects of aging.

So far I have adopted the Blood Type diet and follow it stringently, which has resulted in a very “clean,” well-regulated metabolism.

My weight is well within an ideal range (I have a small frame and feel miserable when I become overweight).

I take a hormone replacement that contains estrogen and a small amount of testosterone, which has maintained my skin tone as well as libido.

Lastly, I used the Callenetics exercise program, which keeps my body pretty tight and firm.

How do you think hormonal balance therapy can help me in my efforts to stay as healthy as possible well into old age?

I'm female, 53 and weigh 128 pounds, fairly fit and am a housekeeper by profession.

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Oct 27, 2009
Hormonal Balance and your Antiaging Efforts
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Lisa,

First of all, the principle of hormonal balance simply means that all of your major hormones should be at certain levels relative to each other. Simply increasing the levels of one hormone without considering how it affects the others will not work.

You seem to be doing everything right, as far as eating and exercise. Since you did not mention whether you are taking synthetic hormones or not, I can?t say if that part of your program is optimal or not.

However keeping the major hormones at their proper levels and maintaining the critical balance between them will help a great deal in your efforts to stay healthy well into old age.

There are two things you should check out that may be of help to you:

Biosignature Modulation

Biosignature is a method of fine tuning hormone levels with natural supplements and achieving fat loss on specific areas of the body.

The link below is for doctors who do bioidentical hormone therapy:

Body Logic MD - Doctors Trained in Bioidentical Hormones

If Biosignature does not solve your problem, then I would go on to bioidentical hormones.

Both approaches will result in better hormone balance without the side effects that you would get with synthetic hormones, if in fact you are taking them.

Good luck and good health,


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