Hormone Management - What Are The Risks?

by Sharone
(New York, N.Y.)

Hormonal Management - A Question Mark?

Hormonal Management - A Question Mark?

I have heard a lot about Hormone Management and Hormonal Therapies, but I have a doubt in my mind.

Our body follows a natural process of living and dying and getting old is a part of that process.

Now the hormonal changes like graying of hair, dying of skin, memory loss etc. appear with the passage of time, as we grow old in age.

I would like to ask that is it safe to play with the natural phenomenon by changing or controlling the hormonal growth of body.

Secondly, if we do that, what are the chances of body reacting in an otherwise manner to such changes?

As far as I understand, the changes will involve every single hormone to maintain the natural growth or aging process.

I have a strong doubts that if we do play with the hormones of the body to rejuvenate our skin then it might result in severe health issues.

However, I have heard people benefiting from this therapy but I am doubtful and would like to know more about its mechanism.

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Dec 24, 2009
Hormonal Management - Are There Risks?
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Sharone,

You have asked some important questions.

First, the hormone system pretty much determines the health of the body. As we age, the hormone system deteriorates and with it our health.

Hormone replacement therapy when it uses synthetic hormones which are not matched with our natural ones can have significant side effects.

However, we have a choice, and the natural choice is bioidentical hormones, because they are identical to the ones in our body.

When a skilled medical practitioner uses these natural hormones to balance the system, using just enough to accomplish this goal, side effects are avoided, and better health is the result.

This is because this type of therapy is very precise, and uses small amounts of these natural hormones.

The therapy is designed to coax the hormonal system back into balance, rather than introduce large dosages of synthetic hormones which can cause problems.

You say that aging is natural which is true. Death is also natural, but of course we try to prevent death.

So why would preventing or at least slowing down aging be inappropriate? Not everything that is natural is desirable.

We need not fear antiaging and hormonal balancing as long as it is done carefully and integrated into a good lifestyle with good food and proper exercise.

I hope that explanation helps.

Good Luck and Good Health,


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