Hormonal Aging - Reverse it With Natural Hormone Therapy

Hormonal aging is a process where you decline physically and mentally because of declining hormone levels in your body. This affects your skin, brain, internal organs and your general health. Natural hormone therapy, also called bioidentical hormone therapy, using bioidentical hormones can safely restore your skin tone, brain function, and overall health.

Declining Hormones and Aging

When the major hormones in your body decline with age, your health starts to deteriorate. This phenomenon is called “hormonal aging.” Two examples of this are menopause when a woman's estrogen levels fall, and andropause which is when a man's testosterone levels fall.


You know that the decline in these key hormones leads to the typical signs of aging like sagging wrinkled skin, more fat around your belly, loss of hair texture, loss of memory, and other signs of physical and mental decline.

What you didn't know is that these hormones can be safely and naturally restored to higher levels, reversing many of the effects of hormonal aging, and making you look and feel much younger than your numerical age!

Bioidentical Hormones - A Fountain of Youth?

To many of you this may sound too good to be true. After all, wasn't the famous “fountain of youth” just a cruel myth, and isn't aging inevitable and irreversible?

Well the answer is “yes and no.”

Yes aging is inevitable, at least with our present medical technology, but irreversible, well....not so fast. Some aspects of aging like sagging skin, wrinkles, memory loss, loss of sex drive and function CAN be reversed, and isn't that what's important!

We can't be immortal or live forever, but we CAN look and feel much younger than your real age, having the energy, enthusiasm, and activity level of a person much younger, but utilizing natural hormone therapy, also called bioidentical hormone therapy to achieve a more youthful hormone profile.

How Does Hormonal Aging Age You?

Your body works through a complex set of signaling functions, which are controlled by the hormones your endocrine glands produce. Think of these hormones as being much like the software that runs your computer.

These hormones tell your body's cells what to do and how to do it. When you are young and you have high levels of these hormones, your body functions well, and tolerates the various psychical, emotional, and mental challenges you encounter.

This is why the night of drinking you could shake off when you were 20, knocks you for a loop when you are in your 40's or 50's. Your skin tone, which is dependent on youthful levels of GH (growth hormone) declines with age, and you begin having trouble remembering things that you would easily remember when you were younger.

Lower levels of testosterone (the male hormone) causes men to become less lean and muscular, have less energy, drive, and ambition, as well as more trouble functioning sexually.

Loss of estrogen causes women to lose the skin tone of their youth, as well as other uncomfortable effects like inability to properly regulate body temperature, and even leaves a woman more vulnerable to breast cancer, because toxic environmental estrogens can now attach to cell receptor sites in breast tissue in the absence of natural estrogen.

So What Can You Do?

Natural hormone therapy can be a tremendous help in reversing these outward signs of aging and making you feel and function more like your old self again. This therapy uses what are called bioidentical hormones which are “identical” on a molecular level to the hormones that your body naturally produces. This is also referred to as bioidentical hormone therapy.

This therapy is provided mostly by antiaging doctors who treat aging just as they would treat any other health condition. They re-establish more youthful hormone levels using bioidentical hormones and bring the body back into a better hormonal balance.

There is also a therapy called “biosignature,” that can also help to address declines in key hormones and help you to look and feel your best at any age. I have information on this site about both therapies and also links to directories of the doctors and other practitioners who provide them.

Remember that hormonal aging IS reversible, and that it is possible for you to look and feel much better. Check out bioidentical hormone therapy with an antiaging doctor now and start reclaiming the youthfulness you thought you had lost!

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