High Blood Pressure Treatment Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure treatment has evolved over the years with more emphasis on drug therapy. Numbers for ideal blood pressure have been adjusted downward due to the influence of pharmaceutical companies on medical treatment guidelines, thus lowering blood pressure naturally is something you will have to learn how to do yourself.

What is Ideal Blood Pressure?


It used to be that 120/80 was the medical standard for a normal healthy blood pressure reading. This level is now considered to be a “pre-hypertensive” reading, meaning that it is the beginning of high blood pressure and needs to be monitored more closely.

As I have stated before, you can’t overestimate the influence of drug companies on these revised medical guidelines. Revised guidelines that shift thresholds for drug therapy downward can add many new consumers and more profit to the company’s bottom line. You can bet that lowering blood pressure naturally is not their preferred strategy!

This presents an incentive for researchers to manipulate data and design research studies to produce statistical conclusions that favor various drug therapies as high blood pressure treatment. In other words the data often times is deliberately manipulated to justify revised guidelines, which call for more patients to be put on drug therapy.

In truth ideal blood pressure is not an absolute standard, but will vary from person to person, with their age, gender, activity level, state of health, and variations in the accuracy of the readings that are taken. The above standard of 120/80 is still a good measure of a normal healthy blood pressure, as evidence is still insufficient to revise it.

If you are given a reading that is high, you should not assume this is an indication of a medical problem needing high blood pressure treatment, until repeated readings properly done over time show a pattern of elevated blood pressure that is well outside the normal range.

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

In keeping with the philosophy I have advocated on this site, I believe that the natural approach should be standard unless drugs or surgery are absolutely necessary to alleviate or control a dangerous life threatening medical condition.


High blood pressure treatment is critical when the pressure readings are in the higher ranges, and indicate the potential of a heart attach or stroke. The strategy then should be to get the blood pressure under control with drug therapy, and then gradually phase out the medication as lifestyle changes become effective in restoring ideal blood pressure.

This should be carefully coordinated with your physician, and not subject to self-treatment. Hypertension can be deadly and you have got to get the treatment right. With that in mind, let me outline some of the ways of lowering blood pressure naturally.

  • Take steps to reduce your stress
  • Get enough of the right kinds of exercise
  • Be sure to get enough sunlight and or supplement with vitamin-d
  • Eat a diet of unprocessed foods, like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins
  • Eat correctly for your blood type and metabolic type
  • Use genuine Sea Salt on your food in place of processed table salt
  • When exercising focus on FAT loss, rather than weight loss
  • Try and get 8 hours of restful uninterrupted sleep per night
  • Do your own research into lowering blood pressure naturally

If the above list looks familiar, its because these recommendations appear many times on this site. They are beneficial across the board for almost every health problem you can think of because they reflect the way your body was designed to work.

They are not so much a substitute for medical treatment as the foundation of your physical and mental health. Drug treatment and surgery are the more extreme interventions that are sometimes needed for critical illness.

High blood pressure treatment absent a medical crisis is best addressed by proper eating, sleeping, diet, and exercise. These are, and always will be, your first and most effective strategies to attain ideal blood pressure and to restore and maintain your health.

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