Hemi Sync – Binaural Beats and Better Health

Hemi Sync is a patented technology of the Monroe Institute, that uses binaural beats to promote better brain function and improve overall health and wellness

Binaural Beats and Hemispheric Synchronization

Ok, you may be thinking just what are binaural beats and what does this technology have to do with antiaging and health.


Binaural beats are frequencies of sound that are played on stereo headphones so that each ear is getting a different frequency, thus the word “binarual.” The differential between the two frequencies are perceived by your brain and “heard” as a third tone.

For example:

A 120hz tone is played in the right ear

A 100hz tone is played in the left ear

The “difference” between these two tones is 20hz

This becomes the frequency of the sound you hear, and can only be heard inside your head. This is the basis of what we call “hemispheric synchronization” the trademarked name of which is Hemi Sync.

This sound technology causes the two hemispheres of your brain to resonate to the same frequency causing more information to flow between the two hemispheres through the connecting bridge called the corpus callosum.

This is the state of mind that serious meditators try very hard to achieve, often taking years of practice. This sound technology enables you to do it in just minutes!

Monroe Institute

The inventor of the this sound technology was a man named Robert Monroe. He founded the Monroe Institute which bears his name.


This organization holds the patent rights for this technology and continues to develop and promote the work of Robert Monroe.

The Monroe Institute has programs that help individuals explore higher levels of consciousness using this sound technology to achieve focused coherent brain wave states.

Eventually you can achieve these states without the use of the sound technology, in much the same way as you eventually learn to rid a bicycle without the training wheels.

The sound technology products are a training guide to help you learn to do this naturally.

Whole Brain Synchrony

Achieving whole brain synchrony is like tuning up your car engine. Since the function of your body is directed by your brain, the better your brain functions, the better your body will function in all areas!

Your body and brain depend on balance to be optimally healthy, and balance is achieved by having the two halves of your brain in “synch” with one another. Focused and coherent brain wave patters have many benefits which help improve wellness.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Heightened concentration
  • Increased creativity
  • Accelerated learning
  • Memory improvement
  • Pain management
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Enhanced immunity

There are many more benefits as there are specific products which address a range of physical and emotional issues. As you explore the website of the Monroe Institute you will find products specific to many physical and mental wellness issues.

Hemi Sync - Products

These sound technology products of the Monroe Institute are broken down into three categories:

  • Metamusic – instrumental music with embedded binaural beats

  • Human Plus – programs that use layered binaural beats to activate what Robert Monroe called the “Access Channel” and enable positive change

  • Mind Food – programs that use both binaural beats and verbal guidance
  • There are many hemi sync titles for addressing many different behavioral and health issues, and are all available from Monroe Institute.

    Make a point to visit Monroe Institute online and check out these outstanding products. Hemi sync can provide positive changes in your physical and mental health effortlessly and with no side effects.

    I use these unique and outstanding sound technology products on a daily basis. They have made a positive impact on my life and I know they will do so for you as well!

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