Emotional Health and Wellness Promotion for Antiaging

Health and wellness promotion requires that you maintain good emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. This is absolutely essential for longevity and is part of the foundation for a good antiaging program.

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Emotional Health

Emotional health concerns the way you react to stress and what strategies you use to cope with stressful situations. Mental health is the ability to think clearly and logically, and to interact in a productive manner with your environment.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health concerns your core belief systems and how you use them to define the meaning of your life and place in the natural order of things. All three of these elements are related, and vital to health and wellness promotion.

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Determining states of emotional and mental health are subjective. Trained practitioners such as psychologists and various social service counselors have the training to accurately assess a person’s emotional and mental health and develop strategies on.

Spiritual wellness is more a matter of your belief or value systems, and how well you are able to adhere to principles that are derived from them. You might call these spiritual values, and they help anchor you in times of external crisis and instability.

The lack of such spiritual values may make it harder for you to retain your emotional and mental health, when faced with a crisis whether it is in your personal life, or your environment. Spiritual health is essential to long term health and wellness promotion.

Emotions and Physiology

That your emotions affect you physically is no secret, but most people do not understand why or how. Some emotions cause the release of stress hormones, which have negative effects on our bodies and can even speed up the aging process.

Negative emotions can also adversely impact your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to cancer, and disease. HPP tapes and other similar audio technology can help your immune system through a phenomenon called psychoneuroimmunology.

Emotional and mental health can be optimized by ensuring good brain health, as well as learning how to reduce stress. This will allow you to avoid the destructive physiological effects of stress in your environment.

The antiaging practitioner can help by recognizing the signs of mental or emotional stress, such as the winter blues and helping to formulate a strategy for addressing the problems causing stress in your personal life.

Although the antiaging physician may not have the specific knowledge or skills to treat your mental or emotional issues, he or she can point you toward an appropriately qualified practitioner that can assist you with these issues.

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Depression symptoms if they are severe need to be evaluated by a physician qualified in the field of mental health. Anyone showing signs of depression should not attempt to deal with it themselves but should seek professional help.

Anxiety attacks are another issue that may need to be addressed by a mental health professional, although milder forms such as stress anxiety can be dealt with through relaxation and stress reduction techniques like H.P.P tapes, the The Doyletic Speed Trace, or learning transcendental meditation.

Some emotional and mental health issues can be dealt with through self-treatment options if they are not too serious. A range of effective self-help technologies exist that will allow you to successfully resolve many issues and once again achieve a healthy state through the harmony of body and mind!

Self Treatment Options

are just a few of the available strategies to help you learn how to achieve relaxation and calm, and thus help establish your own personal wellness program!

Spiritual wellness tends to be a matter that is deeply personal and subjective. If you are of a particular religious denomination, you can and should utilize the services of a counselor who will incorporate religious beliefs and values to help you with health and wellness promotion.


For those of you who enjoy reading, I would recommend a very good book by Dr. Ellen J. Langer called "Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility"

In this insightful book Dr. Langer demonstrates through carefully crafted experiments and observations that we are in fact the "architects" of our physical and emotional health.

The power of belief and perception has a dramatic impact upon all aspects of our health and quality of life. This is something I have long suspected might be true, but has been confirmed in my mind by Dr. Langers book!

Can we think ourselves young? "Counterclockwise," suggests that our perceptions about health and aging are just as important for health and wellness promotion as any medical evaluation of our state of health.

Is turning back the clock as simple as believing that we can? Read Dr. Langer’s new book “Counterclockwise,” and answer that question for yourself.

Click on the link below to check out Mr. Bobby Matherne's review of "Counterclockwise."

"Counterclockwise" - A Review by Bobby Matherne

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