"Eat Right For Your Type" – A Book Review

"Eat Right For Your Type" by Peter D'Adamo, is the book that made me aware of the importance of individual biochemistry in nutrition. To eat right for blood type is an important concept. Eat right lose weight is something most weight loss diets just miss completely.

Peter D'Adamo in his excellent and groundbreaking book introduces us to the concept that our blood type matters in health and nutrition, and that to eat right for blood type is a powerful tool to help us optimize health.

An Epiphany?

Well not quite, but for me this book was a BIG change in my thinking. Dr. D'Adamo really lays out a strong case for blood type being a major factor in how we react to food, exercise, and disease. This is probably one of the five most important books I have ever read!

"Eat Right For Your Type", is really a handbook on customized nutrition that tells you how to feed your body properly based on your ABO blood type. It covers all of the topics that you need to know, and provides references and resources to help you implement the principles involved.

Although Dr. D'Adamo has followed this up with a number of books about other aspects of how to eat right for blood type, this book is the foundation for all the others. It explains the origin and scientific evidence for the theory and how he has carried on the work originally begun by his father that eventually resulted in a new paradigm in human nutrition (eat right for blood type).

A Look Inside.....

"Eat Right For Your Type" is organized into three main parts containing 10 chapters, followed by an epilogue, afterward, and appendixes containing reference material and resources.

Here is the chapter layout of the book:

  • Part 1 - Your Bood Type Identity

    • Blood Type
    • Blood Code
    • The Blood Type Solution

  • Part 2 - Your Blood Type Plan

    • Blood Type O Plan
    • Blood Type A Plan
    • Blood Type B Plan
    • Blood Type AB Plan

  • Part 3 - Your Blood Type Health

    • Medical Strategies
    • Blood Type
    • Blood Type and Cancer

  • Epilogue: "A Wrinkle of Earth"

  • Afterword: A Medical Breakthrough for the Ages
    by Joseph Pizzorno, President, Bastyr University

  • Appendix A: Blood Type Charts
  • Appendix B: Comon Questions
  • Appendix C: Glossary of Terms
  • Appendix D: Notes on the Anthropology of Blood Type
  • Appendix E: The Blood Type Subgroups
  • Appendix F: Resources (getting help)
  • Appendix G: References
  • Appendix H: Survey (Be a Part of the Blood Type Revolution)

Eat right lose weight

Eat right lose weight – sounds really simple but this is really what many weight loss diets don't get right. They fixate on calories and portion sizes, but don't even consider that foods must be compatible with our individual biochemistry.

My goals really don't include weight loss, because when I do eat right for blood type, everything seems to fall into place. My weight remains stable and has not been a problem whether I am exercising intensely or not.

My Personal Experience

"Eat Right For Your Type" made me aware of the connection between what I eat and how my body feels on a day to day basis. Like everyone else, I had good days and bad days, but never could figure out what that was so.

I never suspected that what I was eating had an impact on me, until I read this book. Then I started seeing the correlations between eating certain foods and my levels of pain, and stiffness.

I am 55 years old, and I believe this is the reasons that on a day to day basis I have less overall pain, and less specific joint pain than I had in my 30's! How many people can say that? This is what an awareness of how to eat right for blood type can do.

This what SOLD ME on this concept. The dietary principles advocated in "Eat Right For Your Type" do work quite well and I can personally attest to how powerful they are.

Is the diet advocated in this book too strict? Not at all. There are so many foods on the lists that you CAN eat that are either beneficial or neutral, that there is plenty of variety to choose from. I don't follow it religiously, but I know my major “avoid foods” and steer clear of them.

You can eat them occasionally, but you will have a reaction, so you will have to balance this with the enjoyment you get from eating that particular food.


  • Eat right lose weight

  • Eat right have less pain, stiffness, and inflammation

  • Eat right and cut your risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke

To really understand and apply this concept you really need to read the book. "Eat Right For Your Type" will answer your questions and put you on the road to feeling better, controlling your weight, and really slowing down the aging process!

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