Can I Use Bio-Identical Hormones at My Age?

by Sabine
(Lexington, Nebraska USA)

My best friend just turned forty-six years old and seems to be in better shape than ever. I asked her how she did it and she told me that about a year ago she started taking bio-identical hormones and her overall health has very much improved.

She is more energized and she does not have mood swings anymore. Hormone therapy has helped her with her weight loss and I have noticed that her overall appearance is much younger.

What I need to know is I recently started experiencing menopause symptoms. I have night sweats and terrible mood swings. I feel a lot older than my age. I am only thirty-seven years old, but in my opinion it seems like I am a fifty-year-old woman sometimes.

I am really interested in bio-identical hormones, but don't know if it would be appropriate to start taking hormones at my age. I also would like to know if there are any negative side affects.

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May 04, 2010
Saliva Testing and Bioidentical Hormones
by: jane

Hi, If I were you, I would have a saliva test done. They are very accurate. I was 37 when i started to take bio-identical hormones.

I started to get all kinds off issues in my early 30s, headaches, allergies, and stomach issues. I went for all kind off tests doctor could find nothing.

Then I took a saliva test and found out it was estrogen dominance. This helped greatly to finally pin down the cause, and start to resolve my problems.

It might help you too!

Good luck Jane

Oct 13, 2009
Re: Can I Use Bio-Identical Hormones at My Age?
by: George Parigian Jr.

HI Sabine,

Since I am not a doctor I can't answer that question definitively.

What I do know is that hormonal changes affect women at different ages. You may be going through menopause or perimenopause at an earlier age than most women.

However that must be determined by a doctor doing the appropriate tests, and that is your next step.

You need to locate a doctor who is knowledgeable about bio-identical hormones and let him or her determine the best course of action.

You might also want to check out another approach called "biosignature" and the information is at this link:

Introduction to Biosignature
For contact information, please call (401) 398-7845 or email

If you can't find a biosignature practitioner in your area or this approach does not seem to help you, check out the Doctors on the Body Logic website, as they are specifically skilled in bioidentical hormone therapy.

Body Logic MD

So, my advice to you is to seek the advice of a qualified person, who will assess your entire hormonal profile and recommend a treatment protocol that is as natural and holistic in approach as possible.

Good luck and good health!


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