Bio-identical Progesterone Cream?

by Cyn
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

My oldest sister developed dysfunctional uterine bleeding at age 44 years. Her primary care physician prescribed oral progestin to control this bleeding.

After several ultrasounds to rule out any physical cause for the bleeding (they found none), the doctor recommended that my sister remain on this drug indefinitely to regulate her menstrual cycles.

My sister declined and stopped taking the oral progestin (cold turkey). After a few days, she experienced extremely severe cramps (she compared the pain to the pain she experienced during childbirth) and passed a large amount of blood and tissue.

Is this a normal side effect of oral progestin?

Would a bio-identical progesterone cream to regulate her menstrual cycles be a suitable alternative to this oral drug?

What are the possible side effects of the bio-identical progesterone cream?

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May 29, 2009
Your Question About Bio-identical Progesterone Cream
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Cyn,

Thank you for your question! To begin, remember that I am not a doctor, so I cannot answer your question as precisely as a physician would.

First of all, Progestin is not progesterone. It is a "synthetic progestagen" which has effects similar to progesterone.

It is prescribed for a number of health issues that affect women such including dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

When your sister abruptly stopped taking it, the result was the bleeding she experienced. It is never a good idea to stop any medication cold turkey because that can cause problems, some of them severe!

Synthetic hormones such as Progestin are what most doctors use to address gynecological issues in women, because they are supplied by pharmaceutical companies and marketed to doctors as THE standard in hormone therapy.

Because they are synthetic and do not actually match the body's own natural hormones, they can and do have side effects that can cause health problems, some of them pretty severe.

Bio-identical hormone therapy rests on a different philosophy, one that uses very small dosages of hormones that are a precise match (at the molecular level) to what the body makes.

The doctor (usually an antiaging doctor) prescribes a formula that contains several hormones that are given in a precise balance to address each person's needs.

The prescription is then sent to a compounding pharmacy, which makes up the unique formulation for each patient.

This ensures that when you are prescribed bio-identical hormones, they are precisely the amount and combination that is needed to address your hormonal problems.

It is safe to say that a bio-identical progesterone cream, prescribed by a qualified physician would logically be much safer and likely just as effective as synthetic hormones that are prescribed in much higher doses.

If your sister is interested in trying bio-identical hormones, she needs to seek out an antiaging doctor who has the expertise to address her hormonal issues.

Check out my "Antiaging Doctors" page, which you can find on the left hand navigation panel. There is a link to a list of antiaging doctors at the bottom of the page.

If you are having problems locating one, write to me via the form om my "contact" page, and I will try and help you find a qualified physician in your area.

Good Luck and Good Health!

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