Argireline Cream for Antiaging Skincare

Argireline cream is another new skin antiaging compound that protects collagen and diminishes wrinkles. The Botox alternative Argireline rejuvenates your skin without the negative side effects of Botox.

Argireline is one of a new class of compounds for antiaging skincare that goes beyond what older products can do. It actually addresses some of the causes of skin aging and provides protection against age-related deterioration of your skin tone and suppleness.


The active ingredient in Argireline® is acetyl hexapeptide 3 (AH3). This Argireline molecular complex (called a peptide) penetrates deep within the skin and acts to relax facial muscles. In this way it is similar to Botox, but Argireline face cream is safer and much more natural.

It also combats the deterioration of collagen/elastin, smoothing your skin, and reducing lines and wrinkles. It is applied topically, and you will immediately feel the effects, firming and toning your skin.

The Snare complex

The “snare complex” occurs in aging skin when protein stimulate neurotransmitter which in turn cause constant muscle contractions that can cause lines and wrinkles in the skin. The Botox alternative Argireline relaxes these muscles and undercuts the process that causes the lines and wrinkles to form.


The effects of Argireline are cumulative. This means that the longer you use it, the more it inhibits the snare complex and the better your skin will look. Clinical studies using a concentration of only 5% Argireline molecular complex indicated facial lines reduced by 17% in a 15 day period. At the end of 30 days, the reduction increased to 27%!

This proves that the effects of Argireline get better the longer you use it, and unlike Botox, it does not require expensive injections. Argireline face cream is just topically applied and goes to work rejuvenating your skin.

Botox Alternative Argireline

Here are a few points to remember about Argireline:

  • Topically applied rather than injected
  • Supports health of collagen/elastin
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Effects are cumulative (get better over time)
  • Much cheaper and safer than Botox

In summary, Argireline cream is a safer, non-toxic, non injectable alternative to using Botox. It works in a similar fashion, but in a much more natural way. It can be a valuable tool in your antiaging skincare toolbox, so bypass the Botox, and check our the benefits of the Botox alternative Argireline.

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