A Hormone That Can Increase Metabolism

by Farida Ezzy

I notice that some people eat very little but they are still obese whereas there are people who consume a lot but are still thin because the metabolism within their body is very fast.

This is good for them but what about the other people. Is there a hormone or some treatment available by which the metabolism can be increased in their body?.

Some of these people have thyroid problems. In spite of taking thyroid supplements, exercising, and dieting there is still only a little change.

I have also come across surgical techniques in which the stomach size is reduced and, is this type of surgery recommended?

What is the reason for this slow metabolism? How does it occur? Will hormone replacement help? What would be the side effects?

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Nov 25, 2009
A Hormone That Can Increase Metabolism
by: Anonymous

Hi Farida,

Thank you for this interesting question. There are many things that can affect metabolism such as hormones, exercise, even the type of food you eat.

Generally young people have more optimal levels of the hormones that affect metabolism and fat burning such as testosterone, growth hormone, and thyroxin (thyroid hormone) and this is why they can burn calories much more readily than older people.

So in answer to your question, proper levels of several key hormones are needed for normal healthy metabolism.

Hormone therapy CAN help, but one must do all of the things to help the body's metabolism such as vigorous exercise, proper diet, and avoidance of excess alcohol and sugar.

Lack of eating can also slow the metabolism down, because the body will go into "starvation mode" which is an evolutionary survival mechanism.

It will hoard whatever is in short supply, so to increase metabolism, you would need to eat smaller easily digested meals throughout the day.

Bioidentical hormone therapy as practiced by an antiaging doctor can be very helpful, but the physician must carefully balance levels of several key hormones so that all of the hormones are brought into their optimal range.

The operation you mentioned to shrink the stomach is called "gastric bypass." This is extreme and should only be used (if at all) when a person is morbidly obese and in danger of a serious medical crisis if they do not reduce their weight immediately.

For approximately 70% of the population, they require reduced or restricted intake of carbohydrates (the one’s from grain sources). Most of these people are somewhat intolerant of carbohydrates and do better with animal proteins and vegetables.

For most people then, excess sugar in the diet is the most likely cause of an overweight condition, and reducing the sugar will help weight loss and overall health for most people.

Hope that answers your question.

Good Luck and Good Health,

George Parigian Jr.

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