Charles Poliquin - Holistic Strength and Conditioning Coach!

Charles Poliquin is perhaps the greatest strength and conditioning expert alive today! You might well ask what this has to do with antiaging. Good question!

A strength and conditioning coach has to prepare athletes to excel in a very competitive environment. Speed and strength training is a science, and so is keeping athletes healthy so that they are always at their best.

Very often, exercise and restoration (healing and recovery) protocols come from competitive sports and filter down to the average man and woman. Sports training is on the cutting edge of human performance, and wellness is not far behind.


Coach Poliquin has contributed an impressive body of practical knowledge about training athletes and also about health and how to maintain it. Some of the information I will be providing you was gleaned from the articles and seminars of this man.

Who Is Charles Poliquin?

He is a French Canadian strength and conditioning coach who has trained Olympic medalists in 12 different sports! A native of Ottawa Canada he possesses a B.Sc. in Kinesiology and a M. Sc. in Exercise Physiology.

Charles even taught himself how to read and write German, in order to study their strength training research, as the Germans were doing the most advanced research into speed and strength training at the time.

Coach Poliquin has also studied and utilized concepts from Chinese medicine and Ayurveda in his work with athletes. In particular he used this approach to work with a young female shot-putter who had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer.

Adrienne Blewitt (the young woman) was undergoing chemotherapy for the cancer, and continued to train under Charles guidance. His program of adaptogenic herbs and other nutritional supplements allowed her to recover more rapidly from her treatments and actually gain 11 pounds of lean muscle, unheard of for anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatments!

Biosignature Modulation

Biosignature modulation is a technique pioneered by Charles Poliquin, which utilizes skin-fold measurements to determine an athlete’s hormonal status without invasive blood work.

At first this groundbreaking technique was taught to strength and conditioning coaches or athletic trainers, but subsequently Charles now finds himself training many doctors in the use of this new analytical technique.

Once your hormonal status is determined natural nutritional strategies can be formulated to optimize your hormonal profile for speed and strength training. This cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic tool was first used on athletes, but is now also being used to help non-athletes to achieve greater health and longevity.

Health Equals Better Performance

The natural approach to nutrition for athletes is his philosophy. As a strength and conditioning coach, he has brought attention to a number of problems stemming from processed foods, environmental estrogens, heavy metal toxicity, and chronic stress. He has developed approaches to deal with all of these issues using natural therapies rather than drugs.

All of these factors affect not only elite athletes but the average person as well, and so his nutritional and exercise protocols once adapted are as appropriate for you or I, as they are for the competitive athlete striving for better performance.

Thus better health equals better performance in all aspects of your life. This is true for both the elite athlete as well as the ordinary person. When your health is optimized, everything you are striving to do in life becomes easier!

Holistic Strength Training

There are many ways in which the needs of athletes mirror those of ordinary people. Health is paramount, and the precise methods of training that allow an athlete to have a long and productive career, are some of the same concepts involved in antiaging and longevity.

From proper speed and strength training, to hormonal balance, proper nutrition, and minimizing stress, Charles Poliquin is developing and applying principles that can be used by anyone to improve their health, and performance in all areas of their life!

I will soon be providing links to some of the articles by coach Charles Poliquin. In these articles you will learn what you can do to improve your strength, health, and well being now and in the years to come.

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