Biosignature-vs-Bioidentical-HRT – Which Is Right for You?

Biosignature-vs-bioidentical-hrt is a comparison between two methods that are the state of the art in hormone balancing and optimization. Learn which one of these cutting edge methods of achieving hormonal balance is right for you!

Hormonal Balance The Right Way

The word “balance” sums up what the human body is all about. A very delicate balance between anabolic and catabolic processes, of organs and body systems that must maintain a precise relationship in order for your body to stay alive and healthy!

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In the world of hormone therapy, there are only two systems that merit your consideration when trying to balance and optimize your hormonal system, those two systems are:


What are they, and just how do they stack up? What should you consider when making the decision about which therapy to choose.?

Biosignature is a method of hormonal analysis and balancing that uses skinfold analysis as a diagnostic tool and employs diet, exercise, and specific nutritional supplementation to achieve hormonal balance.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a treatment that uses blood, urine, and saliva testing to identify hormonal imbalances, and specially compounded bioidentical hormones to treat and resolve the imbalances.

With that said, here is a comparison of the two methods:

Biosignature vs Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Biosignature Bioidentical HRT
testing method skinfold analysis blood, & saliva tests
type of practicioner Certified Biosignature Practicioner Doctor or equivalent medical practicioner
method of therapy diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation compounded bioidentical hormones
safety and effectiveness very safe and effective very safe and effective
insurance coverage not covered by conventional insurance not covered by conventional insurance

Which Should You Choose?

As you can see, the main difference between these two approaches is the method of testing, and the fact that actual hormones are only used in the bioidentical hormone therapy approach.


Biosignature does not utilize any hormones or drugs, and perhaps will appeal more to some people for this reason. It is THE most natural and holistic approach because it encompasses all three factors, diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is administered by specially trained doctors such as those of BodyLogicMD. Often these physicians will also incorporate diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation into their treatment protocol as well.

Neither system will likely be covered by your insurance so you will almost certainly have to pay out of pocket. However, you will be taking charge of your health and setting the stage for many years of active healthy living.

In truth, both systems are light years ahead of conventional hormone therapy for all of these reasons. Biosignature is being taught to an increasing number of doctors as both an analytical tool and a therapeutic one.

Biosignature-vs-Bioidentical-HRT - Its not bad having to choose between two safe and effective therapies. Either choice is a huge win for you in terms of health and longevity!

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