When to Start Antiaging Skincare

by Smee

What is the exact age I should start using anti-aging products? I am at thirties now, and I know I have to start using anti-aging products, but I have no idea about how I should select these products.

I love herbal products. Is there any herbal product which can do miracles on my skin. Can you give a brief explanation about how these products work?

I know drinking water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables are very important in skin care. What are the tips you can give me on skin care?

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Feb 07, 2012
Antiaging Skincare - When to Start
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Smee!

Thanks for your question. Skincare is a lifelong thing, because damage to your skin begins as soon as you are born.

When you are young, the damage is most likely to come from overexposure to the sun, although some sun exposure is actually required for good health. As well exposure to extremes of cold and wind can have a negative effect at any age.

In young adulthood drinking and smoking (if you do them) can begin to detract from your skin health, but if you avoid smoking, and drinking to excess you should be ok.

The real issues with aging and deterioration of your skin tone and health begin with hormonal changes (for women with the onset of menopause) and in men with the more gradual loss of testosterone. Both men and women suffer from lower levels of growth hormone, hyaluronic acid, and changes to collagen.

So although you should be living a healthy lifestyle, all of your life, it is in the late 30's onward that you should focus more on taking care of your skin, by eating a good diet, and using some of the antiaging skin products that will keep your skin healthy and looking good.

Using antiaging skincare products will help your skin no matter what age you are because they will prevent deterioration in the health of your skin. However improvements in your skin's appearance from using these products will obviously show up in your 40's and older, because that is the age when your health of you skin really begins to decline!

Check out my antiaging skincare page for more information.

Best Regards,


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