What Age Should You Start Using Skin Antiaging Products?

by John
(New York, NY)

I have been wondering about this for a few years now and stumbled upon this site which looks like it is the authority on anti-aging products and discussion.

I am starting to get the signs of old age like wrinkles, grey hair, you all know about them. I am only forty three years old though.

Is it too early to start the ant-aging products? I have heard mixed reviews about how using them too early may cause negative effects.

I figured it would never be too early to start but was hoping to get a good answer here. If it is time to start, what products should I buy?

How many of them can I use at once, is there a limit? I am hoping to improve my outer appearance in the best way possible!

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Oct 27, 2009
When To Begin Using Skin Antiaging Products
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi John,

Yours is another good question. It also appears that you have good instincts when you say it is never too early to start an antiaging program!

Aging is a process that starts when you are young and continues throughout life. It tends to accelerate when you are in your late 30?s and beyond, because that is when your hormone levels start to significantly decline.

Individuals age at different rates, due to genetic factors, and lifestyle as well. I am not sure which antiaging products you are referring to when you say that some of them can cause negative effects if they are used too early.

However some products may benefit older people more simply because the improvements they cause are more noticeable on an older person. I can?t delve into detail about all the antiaging strategies you would need to improve your appearance, but in general it takes lifestyle changes, and some cosmetic products as well.

The best source of information to answer the questions you are asking is a book by Dr. Nicholas Perricone called: Dr. Perricone's 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity: The Miracle of Cellular Rejuvenation
The information in this book will cover it all, as Dr. Perricone is recognized as THE expert on skin antiaging.

I would also suggest that you check out a product called ?Isotonix Beauty Blend.? The Isotonix line of antiaging supplements has actually been recommended by some doctors to their patients, and it is very unusual for doctors to recommend nutritional supplements so Isotonix has a good credibility factor for this reason.

There is a lot of information on this website about exercise and diet, and what I have not covered will most certainly be covered in Dr. Perricone?s book. You may want to visit and antiaging doctor at some point in order to have your hormonal system checked out.

Click this link to find an antiaging doctor in your area.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck and Good Health,


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