S.A.D. Caused My Nervous Breakdown!

by Christine
(Clearwater, Florida, USA)

Hello everyone. I have suffered from SAD since being a teenager and only got worse over the years.

I didn't know what was wrong with me when I was younger, but with time and research, I finally figured it out.

I had all the symptoms- severe depression, hopelessness, irritable, sad, gloomy, fatigue, bitterness, and loss of interest. It would all begin in October once the leaves on the trees would shed.

I would get this terrible feeling and dread the long winter ahead. I found it nearly impossible to even go outside anymore. I lost my job, failed at school, and eventually it destroyed my marriage.

I tried light therapy, St. johns wart, antidepressants, melatonin, and vitamin D. I still felt very SAD. I only got relief during the very short summer.

I realized that my only hope was to move to Florida, so that is what I did. I live in Clearwater, FL now and my SAD is gone completely.

It took about a year for my SAD to finally leave my life. It happened very gradually, day by day I started feeling like me again. I haven't used any medications or treatments while living here. The natural sunlight has cured me.

I don't like living here because of other reasons, but I have no choice because it is my cure for SAD. I really miss Chicago and my friends and family, but I must live here so that I can function normally.

I just thought I'd let you know the only thing that cured me was living here. Thanks for reading.

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