Rachel Weaver - Quick Energy Using Cayenne

by Rachel

Quick Energy Blast:

Here is a recipe for a quick “pick-me-up” using cayenne.
Mix together:

¼ - ½ teaspoon of cayenne powder
½ glass of grape juice.

This will provide you with an alert mind and energy for at least an hour. It will give you a pick up that does not give you the jitters that caffeine does and will also allow you to sleep if you do not take it within an hour of going to bed.

During a phone call from a young mother in another state I recommended this tonic. She called, 35 weeks pregnant, complaining of fainting spells. Her midwife was not available and she wanted help NOW.

She had, had a few black-outs that had not been serious, then when she was taking a walk along the road, she suddenly felt woozy and blacked out right there along the road. We discussed blood sugar issues and she was familiar with that and did not think that was what she was facing.

I told her to get someone to take her blood pressure a few times that day and call me back. The next morning she called me to tell me that her blood pressure was very low. I told her about this tonic and asked her to try it for few days, drinking a half-cup, at least 4 times a day.

I received a call from her a few days later and she was very pleased. The tonic had done its job. Her father tried the same thing because of his low energy and was very pleased with how it helped him feel “up to the job.”

This tonic works because it dramatically increases the circulation and this helps the body and the brain to do the work at hand. When you take Energy Blast, think ahead.

Our oldest son decided to try this tonic out since he would often come home from work very weary and would have no energy at all to do anything in the evening. He took his drink, felt the pick up and went off for an evening of shopping with his wife.

To his dismay, an hour and a half later, in the middle of the mall, his energy was gone. “Mom, you did not tell me that would happen,” he complained. I had not known it either, but have noticed the same thing, since then, when I have taken just one dose.

If you do not want that to happen, mix a larger quantity and sip it from a thermos now and then. You will stay wide-awake and alert. It is especially useful when driving for a long period of time, to replace caffeine.

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