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Cayenne for Aching Muscles and Joints

Mix 1 heaping teaspoon of cayenne powder into ½ cup of apple cider vinegar and shake it well. Let it set a few days and shake often.

After a few days it is ready for use as a liniment for arthritis or rheumatism. (you can use it immediately though it is not as strong then) Rub it on wherever there is an ache or a pain.

Try it on a small spot first and if it is too strong for your skin, dilute it with a bit with more vinegar. It will even help with the pain of varicose veins. I would mix a small amount of cayenne into some face cream and rub it into my legs morning and evening. Or you could use the vinegar base like you would for arthritis.

A lady from South Dakota called me for help with severe rheumatism. She asked me to send her a bottle of Deep Tissue Oil that I make, to use for her pain and I wrote her order down, but suggested that she try this recipe until her order arrived.

She called back a day later and canceled the order. This is what she said. “I don't need the oil. The cayenne in vinegar worked immediately. I had been hurting for three days and now my knees feel better in just one day.” She did not even let the vinegar set a few days. She just mixed it up and used it immediately.

The reason for this is the capsaicin, the amazing compound found in the common cayenne pepper. Capsaicin relieves many types and sources of pain.

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Oct 11, 2016
Thank you so much. NEW
by: Carol Camper - Schultz

Rachel, thank you so much for your wonderful books. Backyard pharmacy is my favorite, I have gifted it to many people.
Do you do any teaching at herbal conferences? I would love to learn from you in person. I live in Northern Illinois and attend the Midwest Woman's Herbal conference in Almond, WI. I am so pleased that you have taken the time to share your knoweledge with us in such a simple easy to learn way.
Many blessings,

Nov 10, 2010
Health and Wellness Information for you
by: Carol Beasley

Dear Rachael,
For the pass 10 years, I have worked in a clinical setting with physicians, Colorectal Surgeons, Internal Medicine, Nurse Practitioners, Naturopathic, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and Board Certified Anti-aging physicians.

I would like to share with you what physicians are utilizing for their patients all over the world; notably Japan, Canada, Italy and Australia and USA to support their bodies return to homeostasis. We want the best for our bodies in the most natural healing way. We know how important it is to help people understand and educate them on the most effective way to heal their bodies.

Join us on Facebook at bestwatersite. Watch and listen to world renowned Dr Hiromi Shinya, Gastroenterologist, Dr Horst Filter, Vascular Surgeon and Dr Corrine Allen discuss the effects of alkaline restructured water, or on the web at www.bestwatersite.com.

I look forward to speaking with you and share more information. Please take time to review the information. I know you will find it to be most helpful for you and your patients.


Carol S. Beasley, Clinic Coordinator, RT(R), MA, Health and Wellness Representative

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