Probiotics and Antiaging

Probiotics are live microorganisms taken in either liquid or powder form that have health benefits for the body, more specifically the intestinal tract.

We have populating our digestive systems various strains of bacteria that help break down food and properly eliminate waste. The ultimate probiotic is one which maintains the proper bacterial environment for your digestion and elimination to go smoothly.

Importance of Friendly Bacteria

The most well known of these microorganisms is Lactobacillus Acidophilus, however there are many different beneficial organisms, in your digestive tract, which probiotic supplements such as Primal Defense Probiotics, are meant to sustain.

When beneficial microorganisms are destroyed by hostile ones that invade your digestive tract, diarrhea or constipation can result. The “24 hour bug,” that people refer to is one example of this.


Medications like antibiotics and other drugs that alter the PH of the intestinal tract can upset the bacteriological environment of your colon and cause some problems with proper bowel function.

Yogurt and Kefir

Some products contain “non digestible” food substances, called oligosaccharides which promote growth of the beneficial bacteria mentioned above. Oligosaccharides, also called “prebiotics,” are often included in products like kefir and yogurt.

These products are made using a fermentation process involving some form of milk product. The most familiar form of probiotic supplement is yogurt, followed by a drinkable form called kefir.

These products are increasing in popularity with the public, as awareness of their health benefits grows. The people in the Caucasus Mountains area have been using fermented milk products for centuries, and are noted for their relatively long life spans, despite the lack of modern health foods.

It was determined by Russian scientists who studied the people native to that region that fermented dairy products were the secret to the health and longevity of these people. Thus yogurt and more recently kefir, have become popular in western countries.

Probiotics inhibit something called “proteolytic bacterias” which are harmful to the intestinal tract. Thus milk products fermented by lactic acid were thought to have a positive effect because They lowered the PH of the intestinal wall.

Probiotic Supplements

All commercial milk based products are pasteurized, and many of the beneficial bacteria are destroyed in the process. Thus a probiotic supplement in capsule form containing beneficial bacteria can help your system function properly.

Some experts feel that many commercial probiotic supplements are not effective because they are not strong enough to populate the intestinal tract, which in many people is too alkaline for the beneficial bacteria (which is acidic) to survive.

Soil Based Organisms

SBO’s (soil based organisms) and HSO’s (homeostatic soil organisms) like Primal Defence ™ are more effective at promoting bacteriological balance due to their potency and ability of beneficial bacteria to survive in an alkaline environment.

Peter D’Adamo, who is the originator of the Blood Type Diet, has formulated probiotic supplements for your individual ABO blood type. He feels that one must take into account blood type even when choosing probiotic supplements.

To Sum Up...

Given the importance of intestinal health to overall health and longevity, it is clear that maintaining positive beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract is vital to wellness. For this reason, a probiotic supplement should be a part of your overall health and wellness strategy.

I will in the short term be completing a review of probiotics that I would recommend for your intestinal health.

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