Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue - Feeling Better Again

by Christa
(Bertrand, Nebraska USA)

I am healthy and happy once again

I am healthy and happy once again

My Experience With Adrenal Fatigue

A few years back I started feeling really awful. All over sudden I was not able to sleep through the night anymore. I started feeling really lifeless during the day. I just did not have any energy any more.

So, I started taking over the counter sleeping pills, which really did not help me at all. What made everything worse for me I started feeling depressed all the time. It got to the point where I did not want to do anything anymore.

My husband noticed how much weight I lost and how bad I felt and told me to see a doctor. I went to see a general practitioner and after a few visits and tests he diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue and cortisol deficiency and prescribed several medicines.

In addition to the traditional prescription medicines for depression and sleep aids he also recommended that I start taking low dozes of cortisol. It was to help heal my adrenals, which was a major cause of my ailment.

I am now feeling a whole lot better. I don't take any more of the prescription sleep aids because I did not want to become depended on them. Instead, I just keep using the cortisol and I also take vitamin c and pantothenic acid.

All in all my health has improved a great deal and I am able to be the person I used to be.

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Adrenal Fatigue - Why You Should Learn To Relax!

by Stacy
(Buffalo, NY, USA)

Stressful Days

Stressful Days

I was recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue by my doctor.

I had been under a lot of stress and had found myself very fatigued, sleeping excess hours and a lack of energy. I knew something was wrong and knew I had to do something about it.

My doctor recommended several things to help my body. He first said that I should try to remove all stress from my daily life including emotional, family and financial. Also I have removed toxic cleaning products and replaced them with natural products.

Finally, I am taking more time to relax throughout the day. This allows my body to remain calm even through stressful situations.

After listening to my doctor's recommendations and altering my lifestyle I have found a drastic improvement in my daily life.

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