Overcome Adrenal Fatigue and Start Feeling Better Fast

by Tim

18 years after my first of many adrenal crashes I have finally figured out how to quickly and safely address adrenal fatigue.

I have spent over $15,000.00 out-of-pocket on my health in the past 6 years. My trial and error period was quite exhaustive. The solution to adrenal fatigue costs less than $100.00 per month and treatment periods last from 3 to 24 months. The solution is simple.

Take 10-20 mg of progesterone cream per day to help supply the body with the necessary material to make cortisol. This allows the adrenals to rest. You will start feeling good in no time.

While your adrenals recover nourish them with plenty of vitamin C, B-5 and B-6. Also, take 1.5 - 3 g/day of Maca to balance your whole endocrine system. Eat and sleep as one should and try to laugh a lot.

A benefit to this treatment protocol is that one is restored to the feeling of "normal" health quickly but be careful as your body will take considerable time to fully repair. Do not discontinue treatment too soon.

Good luck!

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Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms After a Period of Prolonged Stress

by Jane Deaux
(Napa, California)


I thought I'd share my story to shed some light on the illusive topic of adrenal fatigue symptoms.

Mine is pretty simple. I was studying for 3 months in order to take a very important exam and was extremely emotionally distressed.

I began to get extremely tired despite exercising, sleeping 8 hours and eating well. At first I recognized the contribution of the stress and opted not to study as much. I also tried sleeping a bit more to get more rest.

To sum things up, I got to the point where I felt like I could sleep for a week straight and still be tired. To worsen the situation, I seemed to be having constant yeast infections. I explained the symptoms to a naturopath who put me on a couple of supplements including Isocort.

I was hesitant at first, but it definitely helped. I had more energy and was not feeling so dead during the day. After the exam was over, I weaned off of it, and felt fine. I wouldn't really want to be on any kind of pill for a long time, but it helped significantly.

I'm not a doctor, but from what I read about adrenal fatigue symptoms, I think that was exactly what I was experiencing. Keeping a healthy diet, exercising and sleep helped in ruling those factors out.

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