Nutrigenomics - The New Approach to Individualized Nutrition

Nutrigenomics is a fascinating concept that will have far reaching effects on nutritional science. Genomics and disease prevention are about knowing your genotype and personalizing your nutritional program through genotyping.

Genotyping - A New Nutritional Science

Because of genotyping services and the recent ability to decode the human genome, we now know so much more about how genes work and what they really do in the body. The surprise is that genes are much more “dynamic” than anyone ever anticipated.

This means that we have much more control over how our genes express themselves, and we can take steps to improve our health by knowing our genotype. Here is a short explanation of nutrigenomics works.

Genes are like blueprints that tell your body’s cells to make various proteins, and enzymes for various purposes. They operate through proteins called transcription factors, which transmit the genetic information to the cells from DNA to RNA.


It has been found that specific nutrients can effect these transcription factors causing them to increase the transfer of information to RNA, (called up regulation), or decrease it (called down regulation).

In simple terms, certain nutrients can suppress the effect that a certain gene (such as a cancer gene) has on the body. This is the basis for genomics and disease prevention, whereby certain nutrients can be used to protect against various diseases.

Personalized Nutrition

For years really intuitive nutritionists have known that nutritional needs can vary greatly from person to person. Blood typing and metabolic typing are an attempt to individualize nutrition. Nutragenomics will provide the most precise way yet to accomplish this.

Peter D’Adamo the author of “Eat Right For Your Type” has written a book on the genomic diet, as a follow up to his blood typing books. This is because genomic typing for nutrition was not available when he wrote his first book on blood typing.

Establishing your genotype will eventually become as standard in medicine as blood type is today. It is a refinement in the search for a more individualized approach to treating disease and providing for the unique and specific needs of each person.

In this way we can use foods to combat disease and chronic illness rather than relying on toxic medications. Genomics and disease prevention fulfill the ancient advice of Hippocrates about letting our food be our medicine.

Nutrigenomics - The Future is Here

The ability to customize diet and nutrition by genotype has not yet been perfected enough for widespread commercialization. Initially the testing required will be somewhat expensive and be done through a physician or clinic.

Like many other therapies however it WILL become faster and easier to implement with time. The day will come when a simple saliva or swab test will establish your genotype, and a specific set of dietary recommendations will be made for your individual needs.

When this occurs, I will post on this website all the information you will need to begin using this groundbreaking new technology. I suspect you won’t have long to wait, as I am currently evaluating just such a technology called “Gene SNP DNA Screening Analysis that will offer this nutritional customization now, so stay tuned….

Make no mistake. Nutrigenomics is a game changer for health and nutrition. For the first time in history we can support our precise nutritional needs by knowing our genotype and applying the appropriate nutrition. The age of genomics and disease prevention is about to begin!

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