My Grandmother's Breast Cancer Nightmare.

by Marie Jeanne
(Valleyfield, Qu├ębec, Canada)

Marie Jeanne

Marie Jeanne

Around 81 years old, my grandmother suffered from breast cancer and got a breast removed.

Because of her age, she had decided to only get a bra that would fill up the missing breast. Then they gave her some kind of medications, so the cancer would not propagate.

The doctor said that the medications would be effective for around 7 years.
It lasted about 10 years. One morning my grandma said she could not get off the bed anymore, she was too much in pain.

She was rushed to the hospital and they discovered she had a couple of bones fractured. The breast cancer had transformed itself into bone cancer. The bones in her body were crushing one by one, slowly but surely.

The first year was not too bad at the hospital, she had so many visitors, and she was able to talk, watch television, read magazines and even comfort me when I had difficult times. She was able to come home once a week in a wheelchair, on a special bus.

The nightmare started the following year, when she was so much in pain that the doctors had to raise her morphine doses, month after month. We were told she would probably die from the morphine (her heart would stop working), instead of the cancer.

At the end she was only holding on a towel so she would not hurt herself, the last few months (well almost a year), she could hardly talk and could not enjoy any aspect of life anymore.

One day she told me she was ready to die and wanted to die. But the doctors just wanted her to keep her suffering, longer, for another year, why?

I wish and she wished she was released from her pain way earlier.

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Mar 08, 2010
Grandmother's Breast Cancer Nightmare
by: George Parigian Jr.

Dear Jean,

My heart goes out to you! Nobody should have to go through what your grandmother did! My father's life was taken by Lung Cancer, so I have some idea of how you must feel.

Using non standard treatments we were able to stop the progression of his cancer, however he succumbed to complications of his cardio-pulmonary system. He was 88, and had he been younger I think he would have survived.

Truthfully the reason why cancer treatment is not what it should be is a combination of vested economic interests and lack of understanding on the part of the medical profession.

They do what they are trained to do, but you must remember that their training and education are very much influenced by the pharmaceutical industry.

I would suggest that you read Suzanne Somer's books as she was a breast cancer survivor who did her own research rather than simply relying on doctors to tell her what to do.

In many instances doctors are not even aware of some of the latest research about cancer including treatment options they may not fully understand.

A person MUST get involved in their own health, to have a really positive result.

Best Regards,


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