Ecopolitan is Amazing

by Craig Thompson
(Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States)

At Komo Zoo in St. Paul

At Komo Zoo in St. Paul

Ecopolitan is an organic restaurant in Minneapolis that is relatively new, but has already become very popular among the vegan and vegetarian communities. So I had to check it out.

My experience there was amazing. I'm not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I am obsessive about organic food, namely produce.

Upon entering the establishment, I noticed the decor immediately. Flowers, plants and even the walls are made of organic and natural materials. It looks more like Grandma's house than it does like a posh metropolitan restaurant.

I took a look at the menu and was pretty surprised to find the food wasn't very expensive either. I've always found it curious how, in America, natural and untreated foods seem to cost twice as much. It's not like that in most other countries, and it's not like that here either.

I decided to order one of my favorite foods: Kale Salad. I accompanied that old favorite with a Green Burrito. The food was accompanied by raw vegetables and a hummus plate, which was almost as delicious as the order itself.

Unfortunately, I filled up on vegetables early on and my sweet beet juice was rather filling, so I was unable to finish my Green Burrito. But they were more than accommodating to me, as I wanted to bring it home and finish it later. It was too good to let go.

The service is fantastic, and not at all overtly smug as many other organic restaurants, where the service is sometimes pretentious and arrogant. Dr. T., the owner and founder of the restaurant, commonly interacts with customers as well.

I happened to be there on a Sunday when he was teaching the (un) cooking class, followed by a lecture on the health benefits of organic and natural foods. Unfortunately, we weren't there long enough to be greeted by him, but he seemed like a very nice and caring guy.

Over all, I had a great experience at Ecopolitan, and while I've had many great experiences at organic restaurants in the Twin Cities area, this was by far the greatest yet.

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Harmony Organic Foods

by Jane
(Bemidji, MN USA)

Harmony Organic Foods in Bemidji, Minnesota has limited seating but the atmosphere is very friendly.

You are surrounded by customers and staff who appreciate healthy organic cuisine. The menu varies quite a bit from season to season.

However two sandwiches I've enjoyed greatly are ambrosia (made from cashews, roasted red peppers, and other delicious ingredients), and their avocado sandwich.

The recipes are available in printed form. They also have a very good vegan carrot cake, and spicy coleslaw.

Sometimes they run a juice bar that will custom make juice mixtures to your specifications, plus ones they have come up with through experimentation.

Summer days will find their manager out in the parking lot grilling tofu and other good things. The day I had the tofu meal, it was served with macadamia cookies and a bottle of spring water.

Some of the produce used there is grown locally and is also for sale at the store. This is first rate organic food and not to be missed!

If you are ever in Bemidji, definitely put Harmony Foods on your list of must visit places!

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