Microwave Cooking and Your Health

Microwave Cooking is a popular and convenient way to prepare food, but it’s downsides are just beginning to be known. The dangers of microwave ovens and microwave radiation are serious health concerns that you should not ignore!

A Little History

Microwaving as a method of preparing food made its appearance in the US around the late 1950’s with the old “Radar Ranges.” At that time, little was known (at least by the general public) about the dangers of microwave radiation and how it affected living systems.

Although ignored in the US even up to the present time, the dangers of microwave ovens were known even going back to the 1940’s.

First developed by the Nazi’s as a way of preparing foods without having to use fuel, it was banned by the Germans when they found how it affected the blood of those who ate the foods. They did not want their soldiers eating microwaved foods!

Later Russians began to use the microwave technology and then began to analyze captured German research papers on the dangers of microwave cooking. The Soviets banned microwave ovens in 1976, when they found out how it affected the human body.

You need to ask yourself if you would want to use cooking methods that the Nazi’s would not even allow their soldiers to use, because it was too hazardous to their health!

Microwave Radiation

The radiant energy produced by microwave ovens using AC (alternating current) is far different than what is produced naturally by the sun. AC current creates energies that are focused on a narrow portion of the energy spectrum, compounding the damaging effects of microwave cooking.


Microwave ovens use something called a “magnetron” which is a tube, which creates an electromagnetic effect creating microwave radiation at 2450 htz. This energy cause shifts in magnetic polarity many times per second.

This extremely rapid shifting of magnetic polarity causes the molecules in foods to vibrate at extreme rates into the millions of times per second. This distorts and damages food at the molecular level, and forms unnatural compounds called radiolytic compounds, which are foreign to the human body.

The dangers of microwave ovens are due in large part to these abnormal compounds they cause and the effects on the body's systems.

Cooking With Microwaves

Microwaves are very short wavelengths of energy originally discovered with the invention of radar. It was found that these wavelengths could cause rapid heating and this concept soon made its way into the consumer realm with microwave ovens.

What the microwave radiation does is to vibrate the water molecules in food literally thousands of times per second. This vibration causes heat build up and thus the food is heated much faster than you could with conduction or convection heating.

This convenience comes with a price. Microwave cooking has been shown in research done in Sweden to be detrimental to living systems, and to alter the nutrient content and structure of food. This is part of the dangers of microwave ovens in food preparation.

Changes and abnormalities found by researchers in the blood of people eating microwave prepared foods included:

  • Unhealthy changes to cholesterol profile
  • Decrease in Lymphocytes (immune cells)
  • Increases in levels in neoplastic (cancerous) cells in the blood

The human body is based on bioelectrical energies and is extremely sensitive to electrical changes at the cellular level. Microwave radiation through the food we prepare causes changes in the energy systems of cells, from normal respiration and energy production to abnormal energy production more consistent with cancers.

Microwaving of Packaged Foods

As if microwave cooking were not bad enough, prepackaged foods are now available ready to be microwaved right in the packaging. This is an extremely unhealthy practice!

The high heat generated by microwave radiation causes chemicals in the packaging to leach into the food. PVC’s (poly vinyl chloride), dioxins, and furans, get into the food from packaging when being microwaved.

These chemicals are known carcinogens (cancer causing) and the heat and energy of microwave cooking only exacerbates this problem. Fats used in these prepared microwavable foods are also subject to being degraded into abnormal fatty acid compounds.

The bottom line is that you should NEVER use these microwave ready foods. You are doing yourself real harm when you microwave food in anything but a glass or Pyrex container.

Radiation Leakage

If there weren’t enough downsides to microwave cooking, here is yet another. The real dangers of microwave ovens is that they can leak radiation, and what makes it worse is that you have no way of detecting this.

There is no established safe level for radiation leakage from these ovens.

Unlike a conventional oven where you would detect smoke or odor, microwave radiation is not detectable unless you had scientific instruments to measure it.

For all of these reasons it has become more and more clear that the use of microwave ovens for food preparation should just be completely avoided. I came to this conclusion several years ago and though I miss the convenience, I felt my health was much more important than saving a few minutes in preparing my meals.

An Alternative To Microwave Cooking

I began a search several years ago for something to replace the microwave oven I was so used to using. I wanted something fast, convenient, and most of all healthy.

I found this combination in something called the Nuwave oven, which cooks using far infrared energy. I have been using this neat little oven for the last five years or so, and it is everything you would want in small sized oven.

Click on the link below to check out a healthy alternative to microwave cooking.

The NuWave Oven

Given all the dangers of microwave ovens and serious health concerns about microwave cooking, I would VERY STRONGLY recommend that you discontinue using a microwave oven and replace it with some other cooking technology. Your long-term health is well worth it!

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