Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, and Antiaging

Metabolic syndrome also called syndrome x, and insulin resistance are health issues that may affect 25% of the U.S. population. I will outline a diet for metabolic syndrome, diabetes information, and other strategies you can use to prevent or reverse it.

What is Syndrome X?


Sometimes referred to as syndrome x, this is a combination of medical disorders, which increase your risk of getting heart disease and diabetes. Some of the typical symptoms are:

  • Clinical obesity
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Lowered HDL levels
  • Fasting hyperglycemia – high blood sugar
  • Elevated triglycerides levels

Other things, which are often if not always present are systemic inflammation and oxidative stress. The right diet for metabolic syndrome will address these issues as well.

There are a number of medical standards that are used to diagnose this problem. They vary somewhat among the different medical organizations that have set standards. For now, we will use the American Heart Association standards.

  • Obesity, waist measurement of 40 inches (men) and 36 inches (women)
  • Triglycerides – 150 and over
  • Blood pressure – 130/85 and over
  • Fasting blood sugar – 100 and over
  • HDL – less than 40 (male) and 50 (female)

Although insulin resistance is most prominent in this condition, it is the combination of these symptoms that is used in a diagnosis of this syndrome. No one symptom alone can indicate that you are developing this condition.

The Cause and Who Is At Risk?

Medical science has not yet formally established a cause for this condition, but given the symptoms and their relation to one another, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this thing out!

Experts claim they do not know whether things like obesity or loss of insulin sensitivity cause syndrome x, or if they in turn are all caused by some other unknown medical condition. We do know that the right diet will help a great deal!

Lack of exercise and bad diet is behind most chronic illness in our society, and syndrome x is no exception. Eating processed foods and refined carbohydrates combined with a lack of exercise will cause problems such as insulin resistance in most people.

Those who are at risk for this condition have three factors in common:

  • Genetics – family history of diabetes, and/or heart disease
  • Advanced age
  • Lack of exercise, activity, and high calorie intake

The effects on health and longevity are devastating. Accelerated aging, heart disease, and diabetes, will all result in your lifespan being cut short. However the good news is that it does not have to happen if you exercise and follow a proper diet!

How To Prevent Or Reverse It – The Comprehensive Plan

Since we know what is associated with this condition, you can take very effective steps to prevent it, and if you already are suffering from it, you can reverse it as well. The first steps are related to your lifestyle and preventing insulin resistance:

  • Increase activity levels with antiaging exercise or daily activities like walking
  • Follow a correct diet by eating for your blood type and metabolism
  • Use nutritional supplements to help control blood sugar
  • Consult an antiaging physician to help you create a plan to defeat metabolic syndrome and regain your health

The Simple Plan

Ok, I know all of the above must seem really complicated, at least to some of you. So lets reduce it to some quick and simple steps to get you started. You can master the more complex stuff later.

Do some kind of exercise every day. Keep it short and simple so you won’t blow it off! This will help combat insulin resistance.

Try eliminating as much junk food as you can. This is the heart of any diet for metabolic syndrome! You can allow yourself one cheat day a week so you don’t get junk food withdrawal.

Hook up with an antiaging doc, and let him create an antiaging program for you. He can cut through all the technical stuff and confusion and make it easy to understand for you.

Final Thoughts…..

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY….. should have to suffer from this condition! When I read things about it not being 100% preventable, I know I am reading drug industry propaganda! It is NOT inevitable!

You know what causes it, and now you know how to prevent it! Only you can do this for yourself. Others can guide you, but you have to value yourself and your health enough to actually do what it takes to prevent or reverse it!

Just make up your mind that you are NOT going to be one of the victims of metabolic syndrome, not now, and not EVER! Go to it, a long, healthy, and happy life awaits you!

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